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SO Excited!!!!

I set off on my 25 min w7r2 this morning and while I was running and feeling absolutely fine I thought that if still felt ok at the end I might keep going a little and see how that felt. I ran through the warm down walk- the full 30 mins!!! I think i could probably have kept going but sense took over. I don't think have ever run 30 mins in my life.

Now my question is should I keep running the 30 min runs or drop back? I'd rather keep going if I feel ok. So excited! Especially when i think back to w1r1 when I struggled to run 60 seconds. 😃

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Incredible! There is something rebellious about week7! I carried on running on 2 of my runs to 5K to see if I could LOL! Then I got back on the programme because I so much wanted to graduate and was worried I was overdoing it LOL! Weeks 7,8 and 9 are all so similar - 25,28 and 30 minutes I just did 30 minutes for the three weeks. I think if u feel good and u take ur time u could do that. If you are struggling, stick to the prescribed times. Keep taking rest days, they will see u through 😉 julie


Thank you so much. I just can't believe it😃.


Great job! Weird isn't it, I struggled like hell on week 7, I mean I completed it all okay but I just felt terrible. However, yesterday I did run 1 of week 8 and felt the best ever! I even sprinted the last minute on a very steep uphill.

If only every run could feel that good :-D


Massive congrats!!! I'd tend to be cautious and just follow the plan, as you don't want to overdo it, but as long as you feel okay, then just enjoy the running! You'll be graduating in no time!


Well done hafaaf61 :-) That's great that you are making such good progress ! I did W7R1 this morning and it was nice to have a week ahead with no interval runs. I felt fairly pleased again at the end of the 25 mins, but did manage the quicker pace for the last 60 secs. I also must have (unintentionally !!) increased my pace generally throughout the run as I ran further in the 25 mins than I did on Friday (3.5k vs 3.25k). I did think I was going to have no good legs today as we went for a long bike ride yesterday, but surprisingly it didn't seem to have caused any problems - the legs must be stronger than I thought :-)

Good luck anyway for R3 - let us know how you get on :-)


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