First Parkrun -so proud!

Well, it's thanks to the all encouraging words that have been written about parkruns that I finally plucked up the courage to have a go - and I'm so glad I did! After the Satnav sent me to the wrong park earlier in the week when I was hoping to scope out the run and a large take away curry the night before, I wasn't feeling very confident. But the welcome was warm and friendly and the run not nearly as arduous I thought. Despite being lapped by the speedy veterans and pushchair joggers, I wasn't last and managed it in 35.17 which I was more than pleased with! I guess I ran off that curry too!

If you're like me and thought you'd never run beyond 90 secs, week 5 or for 30 mins - have faith & be brave enough to try a park run when the time comes. Having graduated and beginning to move on, I can see how beneficial a weekly 5k can be in your training. Running can be solitary at times, (which I don't mind) but to meet like minded people who 'get' why you run and are so positive and encouraging is something special in this age of anonymity and 'every man for himself'.


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14 Replies

  • I'm so happy that you plunged in. I'm still back at W5R2 level but have done 3 Parkruns now. I'm very slow (but getting better with a new PB yesterday). Yes they are warm, friendly and welcoming. I've fallen in love with them and (almost!) can't think of a better way to start a weekend

  • Gosh - 3 parkruns already! You are doing so well! They will really help as you move through the last weeks of the programme. Good luck!

  • Hi, well done!

    ... and thank you for your post. I'm still plucking up the courage to do my first park run and reading your post has made me absolutely determined to run next Saturday, no more excuses. (It's secretly been my ambition to do a park run before my 60th birthday next Sunday).

    Happy Running!

  • Thanks Wizziewood ! I was sceptical that the friendly welcome would extend everywhere but it did. There were people of all ages & it was great to have words of encouragement shouted out by volunteers at various points & by more experienced runners overtaking me. Go for it & start your 60s with strength & confidence! I shall look forward to your post & will have a glass of fizz ready!!

  • What a lovely post. I am looking forward to doing my first park run when I finish C25K as I have heard such good things about it!

  • Thanks Mitzie! Go for it - you won't be disappointed!!

  • Don't wait until you've finished the C25K programme .. my elite athlete grand-daughter bullied me into starting even though I'm only at the end of W5. Do it now, it's fun, ever so friendly, not at all scary like thought it might be.

  • Parkrun is a great experience for nearly all runners and certainly will help you keep up the habit.

    Have you registered your club as NHS C25K? It helps spread the word about this wonderful training plan.

    Well done you!

  • NHS C25K as my "club" - great idea, I'll have that in place for my next Parkrun. Thanks!

  • Thanks. Yes, I read your recent post about registering as C25K so made sure I did. I also might have mentioned how fab it is just once or twice to other runners! In fact I ought to be paid for advertising it as I seem to tell everyone I know these days!!

  • Parkruns are fab. I've been going with my hubby for 6 weeks now but I always walked round. I've started incorporating the c25k programme into them and it really spurs you on. I'm on w3r2 now and my ultimate aim is to run one from start to finish. My saturday morning used to consist of a hangover but now im up and off with trainers on. And really look forward to it.Well done on graduating I think it's amazing what this programme is doing for everyone. 🏃

  • Thanks Mandy! It sounds like you're making great progress mixing park runs with C25K. Good for you for getting out for a run on Saturday mornings - the next few weeks will fly by & it'll soon be graduation day!!

  • I am keen to do a parkrun but at only week 3 going to wait a few weeks so I don't embarrass myself

  • Great! I felt the same as you & was more confident at giving it a go after graduation but see how it goes. I did a park run route (not on a Saturday) with a friend whilst on hols on Cornwall - it was during week 7 & I used the app but we just kept going a bit longer with the odd short walk to help me. Good luck!😊

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