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First Parkrun

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Hi . I’m new to the forum - I completed another App with the same name ( thought I was joining this one- doh!) and did my first parkrun this morning- it was hard and I must admit I didn’t run all the way/ 47 mins, second in my age range( I’m 71) does it get easier? Will I get to enjoy it? I really want to keep it up- any tips? ( everyone was lovely and so encouraging).

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Welcome to the forum and many congratulations on your graduation fellow runner.

You may find this guide to post C25k running helpful

If you spend time here, you will discover the forum mantra.......slow and steady.......this applies to individual runs and to overall development as a runner. Running slowly, counterintuitively, develops stamina and strength and actually makes running much more pleasurable, as well as, according to some studies, making you live longer.

If you run nice and slow during the week, then push the pace at parkrun, you will probably improve pbs and enjoy your running more.

Keep running, keep smiling.

thanks Ian- if i went any slower i'd be walking! happy Christmas!

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IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to Maisiek

Many people jog more slowly than they can walk.

and walking is easier and seems kinder to the knees? should i walk??

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IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to Maisiek

Walking will not develop the stamina nor strengthen the legs in the same way, but is excellent exercise.

ok thanks, i'll persevere!

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Well done to you Maisik on completing your first parkrun in a reasonable time of 47 minutes, strangly enough I set out this morning to walk a 10K but ended up running some of it. I set up MAPMYWALK on my Smartphone but the temptation to run a little bit of it was overwhelming, so I did run for a few minutes and completed the first 5K despite stopping for a short chat with my daughters husband father who I will be with for Christmas on Tuesday in the same time of 47 minutes, According to Mapmywalk I completed the whole 10K walk/run in 1 hour 40 minutes.

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Maisiek in reply to AlMorr

thanks Al! Happy Christmas!

Yes it gets easier with practice. You'll be 1st in your age range soon! You're doing well.

There are things you can do to mix it up and make it more fun. Try C25K+ podcasts. Read up about 'Jeffing' and have a go at that. Run somewhere new to make it more exciting. Join Bridge to 10km on here and work on more distance...the first 'easy run' will make you feel amazing because it will be easy after 5km. Keep going. Good luck!

thanks Baddie! Happy Christmas!

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Hope to be joining you next year on those Park Runs. Congrats.

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