First parkrun

Having graduated last weekend I had a lousy run on Wednesday, stopped twice and didn't even make 30 minutes. I think it may have been a feature of the first run without Laura and the gremlins telling me I could stop so why not. I was a bit disappointed and wondered if I would really be able to keep motivated without such a specific goal as the programme provided each time. I had planned to do my first park run this weekend and it was great, the whole family including the dog tipped out with me and my husband (multiple marathon runner extraordinaire) danced along beside me. I completed it at a nice steady pace and actually found it quite easy (I cannot believe I am saying that!!). I had one of those out of body experiences where I couldn't actually believe it was me in my body doing this thing!  My time was 33.08 so I'm really pleased with that. It's a personal best because I've never ran 5k before in any time!

So I think I may revise my plan, I'm going to run for 5 k three times a week but because it's pretty hilly here I'm not going to stress if I stop. This will allow me to try a wider variety of routes. I will then do a park run monthly until I get to 5k in 30 minutes and then I'll think of another plan. I hadn't really thought what I had wanted out of running beyond finishing the plan but I think I want distance rather than speed.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings. In summary - feeling pretty pleased with myself today!


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13 Replies

  • And so you should be very pleased! That sounds a wonderful parkrun with all your family out to support you..  Amazing 5k time.. how could you not be chuffed to bits.. your hubby will be well proud! 

     Wow 5k 3 times a week.. that will be something.. you have done great.. and sounds like you are really enjoying it now.. that's my aim ( if I ever get off the IC) .. just to get out be a propper runner and enjoy it! :)

  • Thank you for that and I hope you are feeling better soon, how are you doing?I know, I'm now not sure about the 5k three times a week, have just read something that says it's better to mix things up a bit, maybe I should take a look at the stepping stone and stamina podcasts a little more closely.

  • Suppose we are just used to following the c25k.. up until focused on getting there.. after achieving that I suppose there are many programs..  depending on how you want to continue..wether distance...speed.. or just to get out 3 times a week.. whatever..I'm sure it takes a while to find what suits every individual .. I'm sure you will find a balance.. 

     Thanks knee is slowly getting there.. just have to be patient ;(


  • Well done on parkrun and your time, very good indeed 😊

    Consolidate for a few weeks then try different things to see what works for you :) 

  • Superb :)

    It is a bit strange. We are all so focussed on the first line to cross that the future is a bit daunting. I think I like the look of the c25k+ podcasts but want to try to stick to 3 x 30 minute runs for 4-6 weeks first. I'll probably just keep playing wk9 podcast, I like the reggae track near the end :)

    What a fabulous park run time, I'm sure you'll crack that 30 soon :)

  • wow! That's a great time for your first parkrun, well done! How lovely to have the family with you too x :-)

  • That's a really good time! Well done! It's not quite so easy after graduation because nobody's telling you what to do - and there are so many new things to try out. I try to get 2 decent runs (at least 30 mins, preferably 5k) and one long run at the weekend. On one of the shorter runs I try to do one of the c25k+ podcasts, but "speed" is so short I almost feel it doesn't count. I feel a bit like a child in a sweet shop who can't decide what they want! Your plan sounds good though!

  • Thats a great time first time out ! Very well done, hope your oh is proud of you.

  • Still in awe of all these new shiney graduation badges! Jt!...     Jaysee... GETUPANDGO:) xxx

  • Yours is just there, right on the edge of a very high shelf. It's not safe to reach for it until you're stable and safe but it is there with your name on and no-one can take it from you xx

  • You're absolutely right to not stress if you stop for a walk break.  I think we all initially feel really bad after graduating if we do and beat ourselves up.  But walk breaks are great.  They let you go further, they let you try challenging new routes. I like to mix up full runs with run-walk intervals.  They both have their merits.

    Well done on your Parkrun.  That's a great time.

  • Very good time 33 minutes - very well done. You are right to feel pleased with yourself! Your plan sounds good. My first couple of runs after graduation (at Easter) were difficult and I only managed 3k each time, but I was fighting off a virus I think. I am aiming to do 3runs a week but not all 5k. 

  • And rightly so.  That's a fantastic run 🏃🎉

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