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parkrun no. 1 done!!

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I have been a long term parkrun lurker for a long time. A brilliant volunteer organisation doing great things. Didn't want to run until I could run 5k. So I started C25k on my 62nd birthday in September and today completed my first parkrun in a time of 38:36!! Very friendly, very well organised and I highly recommend to anyone to give it a try. So thanks to all at C25k for getting me this far and parkrun will now be part of my regular fitness regime. My target now ( if I stay fit and healthy) 65 parkruns by my 65th birthday!!

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Very nice time first time out... well done. I’m sure you’ll smash 65 out of the park by then as you enjoyed it so much... are they having one on Tuesday there? Merry Christmas and happy running.

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steviej99Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Yes they are but I'll be on Grandpa Xmas duties!

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UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to steviej99

Ah... that’ll be even better!

Well done you and fantastic result

I'm just back from Elgin Parkrun and took my son along who suffers a bit from depression and he done it in 25:31 so I think I've got him hooked on it👏 my time is a bit slower at 32:11🐌next runChristmas Day park run....have a good one

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steviej99Graduate in reply to Sunnybraeboats

I Hear great things about running helping people like your son so I wish him well. Your time is pretty nifty too!! Have a great Xmas

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Good stuff! You'll probably be well over 100 PRs by then, keep at it!

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steviej99Graduate in reply to davelinks

Haha thx - I'll stick to the C25k mantra - slow and steady!!

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I did my first today too: 42mins with a tiny bit of walking as I’m still on week 8. Well done!!

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steviej99Graduate in reply to molly1973

Well done Molly that's great! C25k finish line in sight!!

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SunnybraeboatsGraduate in reply to molly1973

Good one Molly enjoy

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Like davelinks, I think you could do 64 in time for your 64th 😸

Great running stevie!

🎅 Xmas Katnap 🎅

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steviej99Graduate in reply to Katnap

Thanks Katnap! I'm bit of a fair weather runner so I'll stick to 65 by 65 for now! Merry Xmas!

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Congratulations Stevie99 on completing your first Parkrun in a very good time of 38.36, that will make Christmas 2018 very merry for you, I am glad that you enjoyed your run today with all those friendly people taking part, that is a very good goal to achieve for your 65th birthday, Seasons greetings. 🎄🎅

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Thanks AlMorr - seasons greetings to you too

That's brilliant Steviej. I am yet to venture to parkrun but it will be a goal in the new year. I am sure you will smash your target :)

Very inspiring, I'm so looking forward to doing a park run. Only 3 weeks left of C25K and I'll be on my way I hope! Have a lovely Christmas :)

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steviej99Graduate in reply to BethanDavies

Thanks Bethan. Visiting my daughter tomorrow for Xmas Eve and I'm thinking of taking my running gear to fit in a 30 minute run, that's how much I've changed! Your nearly on the finishing straight now , enjoy your running and Merry Xmas to you to

Excellent ! You have great goal of 65 by 65. Hope you can stick with it.

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steviej99Graduate in reply to peaplodder

Thanks peaplodder. Pretty long term goal but I have a tendency in life NOT to follow through, but this is definitely achievable and I am thankful that I have my health so it would be a waste not to do this one!! Have a great festive season

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Well done Stevie ....and Happy Christmas 😀

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good hear and what a great time...hoping to try my first one on 2019 but worried its too far for me still...really want to get a 5k run for charity maybe under my belt 2019 as never got a medal for completing anything 🙂

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steviej99Graduate in reply to grey55

Why don't you try it, you can run/ walk the whole way if you want and your time doesn't matter. Every parkrun has a tail walker who will always finish behind the slowest person!

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