parkrun done

So that's parkrun - what fun!!

Only my second 5k (I might have mentioned that I ran 5k for the first time on Thursday!!) and it felt very different because it was on grass and I'm used to running on the road.

A lovely bunch of people even if most of them were dressed as ghouls and ghosties as it the Halloween run. Very encouraging with much laughter and applause.

I'm slow but I ran all the way. No idea of my time yet and I said that I probably wouldn't run again next week but you know, I'm already thinking of it!!

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  • Well done! I did my first parkrun two weeks ago and my second one today. It was good although slightly overwhelming with over 700 starters. Great feeling to cross the line isn't it?

  • 700! That's great, I hope ours gets big. A big week for us right now is 30 people. Can't wait to go to mine today, I hope people dress up.

  • Well done, it's great fun being part of it isn't it? Most of the volunteers today were dressed up today in some fantastic costumes and makeup, and even a blind lady running with a guide was dressed up as a witch - she should get bonus points for that, what a star!

  • Sounds good fun. Well done for completing it. Want to have a go once I can do 5k. The downside is it's about a 30 minute drive whichever one I go to so my Saturday lie in will have to be sacrificed :-(

  • I'm pretty sure it worth losing the lie in. I have a choice of two; one's further to drive but easier to park and flatter to run than the other - bet you can guess which I did today!!

    My time is in: 39.07 minutes. Quite pleased with that and that .07 is just asking to be knocked off, isn't it?

  • Slow is good...and it sounds like a super run...Well done.. that's the spirit...( see what I did there?) x

  • Sounds like you had a great time. Maybe the start of a Saturday ritual?

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