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First Parkrun

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I graduated C25k on the 19th November so it's very early days for me. On Saturday I ran my first Parkrun on my birthday and loved it! As I stood in the freezing cold, listening to the briefing for newbies, with frozen fingers I wondered if I had gone mad with this running lark and hoped I wouldn't finish last. I remembered the advice on this forum to go at my own pace which I did. To be honest I couldn't have gone any faster anyway. I was determined to run all the way which I did and finished 235th out of 242 in 49 minutes. I was ecstatic! It was a real buzz. I definitely experienced the runner's high people talk about. I recommend Parkrun to anyone. The atmosphere was fantastic, really welcoming and friendly. My plan is to keep running Parkruns on Saturdays and 2 short runs during the week and see how that goes for the time being.

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Congratulations on that first parkrun... glad you enjoyed it, I wish many many more happy Saturday morning runs to you.

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buzzardsGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks I’ve been inspired by people’s journeys on this forum.

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That's brilliant well done. Might do my first on Saturday or early in the new year. Weathers looking very fair for Saturday so I'm tempted

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buzzardsGraduate in reply to steviej99

I say go for it, it’s great fun.

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Very well done :)

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Woohoo! What a great time, welcome to the parkrun family! The first of many more!


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buzzardsGraduate in reply to Madge50

Thanks, I’m planning to run them regularly.

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Well done! I'm still working up to doing a park run. I graduated in early November, and have re-done the runs from week 7 after a two-week holiday, so I'm OK doing the 30 mins. However I feel a bit nervous as I've only done 3.5k in 30 min runs. Did you do a warm-up walk before you started? I thought I'd start the park run with the 5 min warm-up, as recommended somewhere. Not sure I could run the full 5k. I also don't want to come last!

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seaspanielGraduate in reply to Janfran

you won't come last as there is a tail walker who always does. However if 3.5 km in 30 minutes then you would expect at time around 43 minutes. If you check out your local parkrun you will see you are in good company and not last. Here is a link to a mid sized parkrun

Be warned you may end up in a cafe eating cake and drinking coffee

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JanfranGraduate in reply to seaspaniel

Thanks, Seaspaniel, that's quite encouraging. I can see what my new year's resolution will be!

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buzzardsGraduate in reply to Janfran

Hi Janfran, yes I did my warm-up walk before I started. Since I graduated I’ve done some 35-39 minute runs and on the Saturday before Parkrun I ran 4.26K in 43 minutes. I wanted to get a feel for how much longer I could run. I ran similar times to you in 30 minutes so I’m sure you can do the full 5K. Give it a go.

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JanfranGraduate in reply to buzzards

Thanks for your encouragement, Buzzards. I'll certainly give it a go - after Christmas! Your plan of a park run and two shorter runs sounds like a good idea too.

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Good plan.

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