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W8R1 running with a cold

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Any tips? Should be doing this run this morning, started with a cold yesterday, stuffy but runny nose and slight headache above my eyes. Legs feeling a bit heavy. It’s throwing it down so I’m going to get soaking wet too. Make it another rest day or go for it? Or could I do it on my crosstrainer, would that count. I’ve done all my other runs outside.

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Personally Id use the x trainer, and try for a run tomorrow. Hope you're feeling better soon.

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Letty111Graduate in reply to Phoenix_flames21

Thanks. Heads getting worse now 🤧

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I had a bad cold a few weeks ago and basically missed a week but was able to pick up where I left off. You have to judge how you feel but I thought I wasn’t going to help myself by running when I wasn’t already pretty much exhausted

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Letty111Graduate in reply to Gonnatri

Thanks. Think I’ll give it a miss today. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow and go then or Sunday.

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Get well soon. Personally I’d be staying indoors.

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