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running first race with a cold ?

Several months back, hubby and I signed up to run our local HM as a team of 2, so each doing approx 10k. Its this Sunday and will be my first timed race. My goals are really basic:

* finish within cutoff time (cutoff time is 3.5h, so should be fine)

* not finish last

* not be slowest runner not in fancy dress (this is my stretch goal)

BUT I have a HORRIBLE cold. It was bad enough to keep me at home in bed on Monday and Tuesday. I'm pretty confident it is just a cold not flu and have no sypmtoms before the neck - just stuffy nose and TOTAL tiredness. I mean really really tired. Taking naps during the day and sleeping way more than usual at night.

I have 3 days left to get over it, and I really really want to do the run. Got the instructions mail yesterday with a photo of the cute little ankle wrap chip that we have to pass between us.

What do you think - is it madness? Monday is a public holiday here, so I figure that I can pay for it with another day in bed if it comes to it... (2 years ago, I'd have told someone in this position that it is madness, but that was before I caught the running bug, on the other hand the race will still be there next year.)

I haven't done any running since the symptoms hit, and don't intend to try it, but I feel like I could run - my breathing is OK (breath through mouth anyway when running). Obviously I'd dose up on ipuprofen first...

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If it's 'just' a dreadful head cold, three days should be enough to get over it - but only you will know how you feel. Last year I had something similar with a 10k, came down with a horrible fluey cold complete with rattling cough on the Monday, and had a race on the Saturday, and miraculously I was well enough to run, even got a PB. Had a bad few days worrying though. Drink plenty of water, sleep as much as you need and don't feel you have to get in any runs in before the race if you don't feel up to it, it won't make any difference to your fitness. Keep us posted!


Oh I feel for you , the agonies of running! I agree with TT don't try and run beforehand just rest up as much as possible and keep dosing yourself up. Fingers crossed you will be ok on the day and I hope the cold keeps off your chest. X :-)


Thanks to you both for comments - yes I'm resting and drinking loads (trying to wash the bug through my system faster - at least I'll be well hydrated). No running will be done before Sunday even if I think I feel better, and I'm not even doing my 5x50 walks at the moment (I think I need rest more than I need exercise...) If it goes to my chest I'll be sensible and cancel, but I'm really hoping it doesn't! Am alternating paracetamol and ibuprofen and taking berocca "just in case".


Sounds like you're doing the right thing and looking for the right (or wrong, as it may be) symptoms, so you'll be fine, I think and hope.


Fingers crossed for you...


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