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Views on home treadmills??

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I've been contemplating a treadmill from eBay... It's not too expensive and is mechanical (no electric). It has an incline which is supposed to better mimic outdoors or burn the same calories or something...

I love love going out though. It's just those few times when the weather is truly terrible that I don't want to miss out on my daily walk/run. But I dont know if it will be too monotonous?

Outside I love the different skies, the trees, the birds. I love taking big gulps of fresh air into my lungs as I push myself! I usually just focus on the tarmac in front of my feet but then look up when I reach my half way point and love the view before turning to go home. And then knowing you are heading home is a reward too!

The treadmill will have none of those things so I just don't know.... I do love putting my music on through my headphones so maybe I can focus enough on that?

I own an exercise bike but it's very tedious and I've even tried watching a video of moving scenery but makes me feel sick lol. It's very hard to push yourself for more than 20 mins! Unlike outdoors when you simply have to keep going to get back home!

But in the past I have used and liked treadmills in the gym?

Decision time!

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Personally I hate running on one... but as you used to like it, that’s irrelevant. I am, however, considering getting one for walking when the weather is awful... I don’t mind getting drenched in the run but I hate walking much in cold rain.

I belong to a gym and use the treadmill once a week at the moment. I can’t force myself to run longer than 4k on it as I get soooo hot. It’s useful if the weather is truly shocking or I’m very short on time, but I always end up doing my other 2 runs outside.

So based on my gym experience, even with it being a state of the art treadmill, I personally would never want to own one.

Just giving you my personal opinion, but you never know, you might like it! Wherever you run, have fun! 😀🏃‍♀️👍

Personal decision I guess! If it’s solely weather (rather than childcare/safety concerns/other preventing you leaving the house) I’d prefer to invest in decent rainproof/windproof/breathable outerwear and keep enjoying the elements :)

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I have an electric dreadmill, so can’t comment on a mechanical one. I’m an outside runner, trail and road, that’s how I started, so, I use mine very , very rarely, I have to have my tunes on and loud! however it’s useful to have it there. You do run differently on it than outside as on ‘normal’ ground your feet are adjusting with every step. I certainly couldn’t run on it for ages though....way too boring....!

I do like having it as a back up ........


I can't comment on manual but I have an electric one. Sometimes I am bored beyond belief and other times I can let my mind wander and before I know it I am done. There are different programmes on mine to push you so that's helpful. If it is literally just for the very bad weather go for it x

sounds like it would be handy as a backup. i only use one at the gym when in the icy weather but i also get very overheated and its a horrible feeling

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I have used a manual in the past.. don't bother waste of money, save up for an electric one. I bought one last week ZR7 from Argos and it's saved my running career!I

Idon't feel safe running in the dark..slip and trip hazards and personal safety constantly looking over your shoulder and I don't like the wet and cold.

Now I have no excuse not to run and the treadmill allows me to focus on form and a steady pace meaning my confidence and times have improved. Like running I listen to music, audio books or watch TV, mostly my mind wanders. Running round the roads in the dark is no less tedious than running on a treadmill!

Roll on longer brighter days and I'll be back out there but I'll be safe and fit meantime.

It is a personal/financial choice but I know I would have been back to a couch 🥔 without mine!

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Gingernutter

Great reply.. well done you!

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Some folk on the forum have no choice but to use the indoor equipment and some, use it for those times when weather or other circumstances mean they cannot get out!

I have a small TV in my studio and I do watch Virtual Runs on You Tube whilst I am running... I have been to some amazing places in the world. I use my trainer when it is icy.. and I have had to use it whilst recovering from various ailments... and could not get out because of dire weather. If it makes you feel queasy, listen to some audio books.. or learn a new language!

I love outdoor running. as my rambles will tell you...but I am past post explains it:)

Use the trainer when you need to and just get out when you can.. You clearly love it out there too :)

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I bought an electric one, because having a balance problem I can't run in the dark, and living in a small village the lighting isn't too good, and whichever way I go I'm out in the countryside within Half a mile. Secondly, on my journey since July, I have suffered numerous injuries, calf muscles, achilles tendons, knees, etc., so after time on the IC, I do my first run on the treadmill, that way, if I feel any discomfort I can stop, and I don't have a mile or so to "hobble" home. Thirdly of course, the weather, Village life is great, but has it's downside, we don't get our roads gritted, mud on the road from tractors etc., narrow lanes, so the treadmill for me has enabled me to get near the finishing line🤗

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CrimsonMama in reply to johnt46

Ah yes the hobble home! I had to do that once when recovering from a shin splint but thought I could gentle jog again but found nope, not good idea!

I'm getting very tempted... I should get £50 soon from doing yougov surveys (takes like a year to build up points but will get it in January) so I will have, technically, free funds to put it towards a treadmill?

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