Road vs Treadmill??

Ready for Wk 1 Run 2 tonight & hoping it will be easier than Run 1?!

Anyone have any thoughts on road vs treadmill and pros/cons of each, which is harder, which will build better fitness, etc?

Main benefits for me of the road are that I hate the gym, love being outdoors, it's free & hopefully it will prepare me better for all those 5K runs I'm going to do in the future...haha! But...would a treadmill work me harder?

Many thanks


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  • Hello, I find the treadmill gives me a false sense of achievement as when I try to do the same distance on the road , it is definitely harder, I've given up the treadmill for now until I get further into my running then will try again x

  • It's about running so its' got to be the road or trail. I still scratch my head about a machine to run on. WTF?! A machine to run on though, walks off muttering I ran past the gym this morning and waved at all the hamsters at their wheels

    I'm out of this debate as i can't rationalise. Someone who can will be along in a minute so don't go away

  • Lol, I love your thinking x

  • You are so right! Loving it so far 💪🏃🏽‍♀️☺

  • Oh good, tee hee

  • Hiya I do both . If I have time I run outside but if I struggle with childcare I run indoors on my treadmill . I like the outside feeling of fresh air and views however the treadmill keeps my pace steady and allows me run when I dot have childcare

  • The only time I've run on a machine was about 3 years ago when I wanted to see if I could actually take the impact. It is SO BORING 💤. I'd much rather be out in the elements with my dog(s) where there are things to look at and people to say hello to. I don't even mind getting wet.

  • Hi JB, and welcome :)

    I do't have much experience of running, and very little of the gym, but it sounds to me like a no-brainer, go for the outdoors. I reckon it's not about working harder, most of the battle is mental. The plan works and will make you fitter whatever, what you need to do, and this is just my opinion, is make it as easy as possible for yourself, remove barriers, make it enjoyable, and use the fantastic support of this forum!

    Best of luck to you :)


  • I have a treadmill in the garage. I use it in winter as an alternative to running on unlit, dark, icy, country lanes after work.

    With a small incline (some say 1-2% is about right) the effort level on the treadmill is comparable to running on a flat road. I don't worry about making up for the lack of scenery, for at the times I run on the treadmill I wouldn't be able to see anything apart from the narrow light cone from my headlight anyway.

  • They are so different...Outdoors.. harder.. no control really... surface, weather, terrain.. in the gym.. total control...

    I use my elliptical trainer on icy days and I used it whilst recovering fro, injury.. I have a small TV and watched virtual runs :) Exciting... :)

    But outside...oh my... the changing seasons, no run, ever the same route is ever the same, sun, wind. rain, hail, snow, Wonderful!!!

  • This is an introduction to should not be pushing yourself hard. Turning a dreadmill up to a speed you can't cope with will work you hard but won't teach you to run.

    If you hate gyms then, like me you have no choice, but to run in the fresh air with ever changing scenery, hills, uneven ground, wind, rain, sun etc.etc.

  • I'm actually loving being out in the fresh air! The gym has always bored me but I'm actually thinking I can do this!

  • You can, no doubt at all!

  • The best bit about running, for me, is the chance to be outside. I run by the river and get to see swans and ducks 🦆. Before running I was always cooped up inside. Really wish I had done this sooner!

  • I didn't even think about how much I'd like being outside but It's the best bit!

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