… And now for something completely different

Well as many of you wonderful folk know, silly old me fell… popped a couple of ribs, tore intercostal muscles and generally shook myself up. My own fault and not a trick I will be performing again. So….after the initial shock, the planning starts. :)

I am, again, as many of you who know and love me :) are aware, an outdoor runner. The sights, the sounds the sensations, all play an integral part of my runs… they keep me calm, relaxed, sane, happy and generally pretty balanced. What on earth am I able to do now? Poddled around on the Thursday after the fall, and kept moving; stiffening up is one thing to be avoided especially in my advanced years…:)

I spent the day cooking freezer meals for the new family. Loading washing, making soup etc, and employing wonderful husband for any stretching, lifting or moving tasks… punctuated with short rest periods! Not a horrific night’s sleep, and so on the Friday… a trial run, (run?) on my elliptical trainer…

How strange that was… I have been using my new toy on rest days regularly, to improve stamina and core strength, since I treated myself, but this was somehow different. Heart thumping as I tentatively got onto the thing, and, after setting just five minutes on the timer at no resistance at all, ever so gently moved my feet. It felt, strangely, like the first faltering steps I took over a year ago; heading out on the first weeks of C25K, along rain-slicked lanes through the darkness of the October and November mornings. The unknown, stretching endlessly before me. I could feel my heart in my chest and waited for a pull a pain or a twinge from the offending ribs, happily, no such pain.

I stayed moving so, so, slowly, holding tightly to the fixed hand rail for five minutes… it was okay… set another ten minutes trying to concentrate very much on leg power, and then stopped. I did feel a slight pain and I was, frankly tired, I think maybe I was holding my upper body so tensely that I was not breathing properly. Five minutes gentle walk down, so, at least I am able to keep some semblance of running/ type action going. Sunday…. A repeat of that session, increased to 15 minutes, run time, (I use that term loosely), and onto Tuesday… well…that was, really a little bit different 

I woke to a bright morning, a brittle silence and a gin-clear sky. My heart sank; a perfect morning for a run… the first frost; the garden and the trees silver-tinted by the hidden hand of winter. A perfect morning and I could not run. So, after a huge sigh, which really hurt, in true lunatic fashion, after the regulation cup of tea and two digestive biscuits, I togged myself up, leggings, indoor trainers, lightweight jacket, and headed out to the studio and my cross trainer .

It was chilly, the cold air making me gasp slightly, a pale moon just visible over the far trees and the purity that comes with mornings like these. I left the door to the outside open; I set up the trainer, with no elevation, for 5K. I switched on my little TV and located a video on You-tube, ( Old Man's Cave Run), that I had found the day before, warily getting onto the trainer, hitting the buttons and I was off.

Slow this morning… no brisk walk, for me, just a very gentle warm up of the leg muscles. I was aware of my whole upper body and ready for any indication of pain, but after five minutes, all was well. The chap on the video was into his run…and I was just behind him. Fortunately, he had to negotiate some very slippery steps, so I was able to catch him up. I was concentrating on my leg, using those muscles to power me and not putting a strain on my arms and chest. The action of the machine is excellent and the lovely rounding motion serves to get those leg muscles really working. Laura would have been proud of me. My breathing seemed to be steady and I was able, as the tape continued to look around and take in all the wonderful snowy scenery! I won’t wax too lyrical, as it was not my scenery, but suffice to say the trees, laden with heavy snow, the blue sky flittering through spiked branches and the odd patch of colour of evergreens hidden in the depths of the forest, added an element of magic to my ‘run’.

Aware of the chill from the real outdoors, at my back, with the scent of cold in the air, I maintained a steady pace and completed, with not a mammoth effort, 5K; very slowly, and very, very gently. A slow walk down, as my virtual companion continued his way through the white wonderland, feet crunching, on the crisp white snow, I left him paused, mid-way to his destination. Headed out into my garden, the sun coming through strongly and the crisp sharp clarity of a frosty day. The plus side of indoor training, only a stride across the garden into my home.

Since last Tuesday, I have completed two more outings, all 5K… no resistance, no incline. Time taken ranged from 45 minutes to 30 minutes on the last ‘run’. The distance means very little, it is so different than being outside, so I don’t really register it… But, it is a means to an end. Staying fit and healing steadily I hope. I am exercising every day, in between baby duties:) Last night I had the least uncomfortable night’s sleep so far!

So, still here, battered but unbowed… loving reading and soaking up all the posts from chums, old and new, who are kind enough to take me with them on the real outdoor adventures.

It is running, not as we know it… but it feels good and will suffice for now :)


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53 Replies

  • So glad you're recovering nicely, what a wonderful way to get back to it!!! Thanks for sharing.

  • You are welcome..small steps😐

  • Well done Floss, where there's a will there's a way. You're certainly making the very best of a difficult situation. Nothing beats running outdoors, but no one could do more than you are to stay 'match-fit' for when those pesky ribs heal. Keep smiling, you'll be back out there very soon :)

  • I have to keep positive and do the best I can...nothing will replace my beloved tracks and field..but..a lovely walkand virtual journeys...I will get there😐 Thanksx

  • Oh well done Floss! Sounds a quality piece of kit that does. I hope you are once again firing on all cylinders

  • It is...so glad I splurged on it! Steady and slow...as ever 🙂

  • Ahh it's nice to hear your recovering , how soon do you think you'll be back outside .... Ribs can take awhile so continue to look after yourself ...

  • Well a while before running...I am determined to be sensible..walking is fine..and my trainer wil help! A long job..at least four weeks...but..steady and slowx

  • Nice to see you Oldfloss. Take it steady.

  • I will..thank you x

  • Good to hear you're taking it gently and looking after yourself. I can't imagine how frustrated you must feel at not being able to run outside. Take care of yourself.

  • Well..for once I am being sensible. Walking down to my daughter's this morning was good, but I avoided my field track 🙂

  • Great stuff Floss !

    Ah you cant keep a great gal down ! No sitting about gathering dust for you, Oh no Missus :-)

    I wish you a speedy recovery , but in the meantime you can comfort yourself giving lots of cuddles to Baby Floss- lovely !

    Take care , our darling Floss xxx

  • Thanks PP..got to keep at it slow and steady! I am cuddling small one..helping out. ..and being sensible..Hope you are staying strong too..xx

  • Great that you are up and running Floss! In your own words, take it slow and steady!

    Sounds a perfect temporary solution to keep you match fit until you are back out In those beloved fields of yours! Xxxxx

  • Tee hee..up ,yes, running..sort of 🙂

  • Sort of is just dandy at this point Floss😀

    Take it easy, great you are so dedicated and focused but look after yourself along the journey Xxxx

  • I will... I intend to be a tad more careful from now on...xx

  • That word "snow" certainly gives an odd tag!! Well done - take care.

  • I know.. we have been laughing about tags for a while.. as Irish-John said, it is like we are all drug addicts!

    Thanks x

  • Oh dear, another black hole of youtube - people record their runs??? Old Man Cave's Snow run was rather lovely tho...

  • The Virtual Treadmill runs, which have been recorded for indoor training work are superb.. before I fell, on my rest days, for leg and core strength training, I followed a few virtual trails, and the scenery is stunning!

    They are very, very helpful

  • Well done for continuing exercise especially after your fall!! Loads of people would have returned to the couch to recouperate. You are an inspirAtion to us all😊 you will soon be back out there running in the great outdoors in the meantime take care & don't go overdoing things either😊x

  • Thank you, but, it is less running and more moving.. a very weird experience, but very helpful!

    I am taking it very, very slow and steady :)

  • Sounds lovely and very inspirational! Keep it up!

  • Thank you Joy..getting there, slow and steady!

  • We have missed your lovely descriptive posts Floss.. so having a little 'run' out on your elliptical trainer with you was great.

    Hope you recover soon as it sounds like you are having uncomfortable nights... so not sleeping so well.Ouch.

    Hope your little granddaughter is making up for you not getting outside to run. Take care.x

  • Thank you.. I am missing posting, although i still find time, if somewhat erratically to keep up with everyone !

    The nights, are quite, literally, a pain! But. the trainer is great, virtually no impact and it is helping. I am finding I can concentrate a little more on the core as well as legs now..when I first fell, my muscles would not work!

  • PS...My little one is totally worth it :)

  • Mhhmmmm *silly smile* newborn baby cuddles.. aaah. Being the Gramma is supposed to be the best thing... now my daughter is married it might be on the horizon for me too..😊xxx

  • Wow, Floss, you are amazing! Well done on your indoor 'runs' I am really impressed and as others have said, you are inspirational (I really don't think I could run with broken ribs!). Hope you keep improving steadily :)

  • Thanks you... but, they are less runs and more moving!

    It is really weird, because there is no virtually no impact, at all, as you do not lift your feet from the treads.. it is most odd. I am taking it, as ever, steady and slow...:)

  • You, dear lady, are a Trooper! Massive respect!

  • .. and you.. Sir, are very kind...and a hill running Park Runner ...wow :)

  • How lovely to hear from you, oldfloss. And good to know that you are recovering and keeping active. I am sure that your elliptical runner is doing you a lot of good in that process even though of course it is only second best.

  • I miss outside..but am getting some walking in, when I head down to the Little Mum each day... :) I just want to stay fit and helpful!

  • Glad to hear that you are on the mend, your elliptical trainer sounds like a great substitute for the outdoors at the moment. Don't do too much though Floss, take care and take it steady 😊 How's the painting going? Enjoy cuddles with your beautiful Flossette x

  • Thank you Flossie x My trainer, well, I did not think what a useful bit of kit it was really going to be... I am being sensible.. I cannot say that it is , running, just moving steadily :)

  • It's great you've found a backup to running for the moment. New exercises, new challenges and new doors to open.

  • Something new everyday.. just have to look for it and give it a go! Slow, steady and keeping me fit! :)

  • Sounds like you are coming along nicely Floss! Keep those legs working!

  • Thanks Ully... yes, keeping my legs moving! :)

  • Glad you are slowly improving Oldfloss, there really is no stopping you, is there!🙂

  • Nope... d'you suppose I ought to be sensible and get the carpet slippers out.. no.. far too much fun to be had, even crocked... and with my new small one.. well !

  • No! "Move away from the slippers!" 😉 Hope lovely new small person and family are all doing well? Special moments, special memories🙂x

  • Oh yes.. so special..there have been and are still, a few blips... Little Mum had a rough time..but, she is a determined little character...as is her new daughter :) so we are getting there... :) Thank you x

  • Lovely post, Oldfloss :) . I'm glad you are on the mend.

  • Thanks you.. slow, steady...it works for so many things ! :)

  • Well done floss ! Gliding yellow snail!😊🐚🐚🐚Really enjoyed joining you there! Those trainers are really good! my boss has one and had been doing 45 mins most nights,and came on her 1at outdoor run at Halloween with us and did the whole 5k,so they must be good at strengthening. ..😊

    Nice to have one of your tales to read again ....

    Have fun grammyfloss with your little one😊

    Big hugs (with no sqeeze! )!!! ((( )))

  • Thank you, my special girl!

    It is going fairly well... I cannot quite believe the benefits the the trainer gives.

    Yes.. the rambles go on... even when crocked :) The little one... well, she is already a story in the making :)

    And.. the term , 'gliding' is right.. that is exactly what it feels like when I am on the trainer ! :)

    Thanks for the hug...much appreciated right now x

  • I've only been in one a few times but I did like it!how lovely to have a studio to disappear to and do that! You lucky thing! 😆

    Hugs for fav Grammy anytime 😆

    I've been taking it a bit easier last couple id weeks as calf still bit sore, but oops, my 3rd HM (Gosport )on Sunday! Going for the steady "make it round"approach in theory. It was fake force winds last year! This year won't and heavy rain forecast at mo. Boz can't do it as doc advised against it (bad lurgy and cough) but her driving me and Paul there x

  • Another beautiful, descriptive and eloquent post grammy floss :-) i felt quite peaceful reading it. Hope your recovery goes swiftly.

  • Thank you... it is all very slow and very steady..the watchwords for me, from the start of my running journey x

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