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Completing C25K on a Treadmill?

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I've decided to try C25K again, now I have the right shoes from a respectable shoe shop I've also started a Family Membership at a local gym.

I'm thinking doing C25K on a treadmill rather than outdoors will help me;

1. Control my speed better, I'm always going too fast.

2. Remove any weather excuses.

3. Remove any obsession I previously had with Strava.

Is it possible to do the C25K on a treadmill, I'm thinking about alternating the walk and run part - it's been years since I used one... do I just change the speed? If yes I assume the recommended speeds will vary per person based on size, but what works for others?



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You certainly can do a C25K on the treadmill its where I started from.

Yes you will need to manually adjust the speed of the machine, (there's usually quick preset speeds ranging from 3kph - 20kph in 1kph increments and a faster / slower button to fine tune it from there in 0.1kph increments). Some treadmills have preset workout but these might be a bit advanced at this stage until you're running 20-30 mins continuously.

When I first started I set it at 7kph for the running segments then knocked it down to 5kph for the walking segments, but it all depends on your level of fitness. Find a speed that's gets you a bit out of breath but not collapsing in a heap on the floor or being physically ruinous on your body for the run segments. The walking sections are your recovery periods so they are meant to be easier so go easy on yourself.

Best of luck

Yup it is, also check out Shivani05 posts, as she is a long term treadmill runner and has lots of hints and tips. Happy running!

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I do a lot of running on a treadmill and did most of C25k on mine, mainly because I can run between calls or even on calls while working. I run outdoors at least once a week which I think it important. I know treadmills don’t work for a lot of people but I actually find it quite meditative and can switch off and just run and focus on my form.

You’re speed will vary and you’ll find your groove, for instance when I start a 7kph run for two minutes would exhaust me. By the end of the programme my ‘happy pace’ was around 8.5 KPH... a few months after graduation I now do most training 5k runs at around 11kph with my 10k round around 9.5... so as you can see your speed will vary. I would recommend using the old adage that if you can still hold a conversation you’re about the right speed.

Interestingly I found my walking pace has increased a lot through the 5 minute warm up and cool downs as well,

..also accuracy can vary a bit on treadmills so don’t get overly hung up on numbers, just focus on the time and listen to your body.

Just to reiterate I’d stay and do one run outside each week, maybe not at first but once you’ve been bitten by the bug.

Good luck!

Hello Brydo

I did the first 3 weeks on the treadmill and yes its ideal for monitoring your pace and not worrying about the rain.

But I did my first outdoor run on Saturday and it was a whole different experience. It felt amazing. Having said that I’ll probably still do both.

Whatever keeps you running!!

Thank you all for the responses - I done a run last night on the treadmill which went great. Not worrying about running into mud or dog mess on its own was a real advantage. I found walking at 4 kph was comfortable then 8.5 kph for the running segments. I'm sure those will increase but for now it's good to know that info.

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