Anyone doing C25K on a treadmill? I have a treadmill in my bedroom, nothing fancy, but something I used to walk on in the winter when it was too dark to walk too far.

Eventually I would like to run outdoors because I love being out. However I don't think the residents of my village are ready for a overweight, middle aged red faced women hitting the lanes.

I'm sort of thinking of doing the first few weeks in private in my bedroom. Anybody done this ? Is there a big difference between treadmill and road running?


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  • Quite a few people have done or are currently doing the programme on a treadmill.

    I reckon most of them find running outdoor much more enjoyable, once they finally try it. Hence... why not starting directly outdoor? (This is what I did, by the way).

    The residents of your village will pay very little attention - if any - to you and who cares about them, anyway? ;)

    To answer your question; yes there are some differences between running on a treadmill and on the street: the treadmill is a smooth, even, cushioned surface, while the road is irregular; running outdoors is slightly more demanding on the physical point of view but it will be more effective in improving your balance and core strength. On the other hand, running on a treadmill can be more challenging on the psychological level as it is pretty "boring"; you do not have all the changes of scenery and other distractions that can help you to get to the end of a run outdoor.

  • Thank secan. I'm sure the locals will get used to me, but I think I feel happier at the moment in my bedroom, but I do like the idea of running with the dog. I did think outdoors would be a little tougher, maybe in a couple weeks when I'm hopefully not too red I will venture out😛

  • not to put you off but I'm a bit past graduation and the red face is still a regular feature! One run in a blizzard was beetroot face free but its a rare occurrence!

  • I graduated in mid March and I regularly run 2x 5km and 1x 10km every week... and I finish my runs noticeably red-faced even when I feel absolutely fine and able to keep running forever.

    The "beetroot face" has little to do with your level of fitness; look at Paula Radcliffe in this picture:

  • I look just like that.....!!!!!

  • See? You already have the look of an elite runner and when you look the part you are half-way through... ;)

  • haha speaking of halves she's less than half the woman I am!! Although I will concede she may be a 'tad' faster!!

  • I do not know whether it is the same in English but in Italian "being half the man/woman of someone else" means being much less worth, being on a different (lower) league...

    So if Paula is "half the woman you are", you are way beyond your half-way towards being the new sensation of elite running! ;)

  • haha I was meaning purely on a weight/size basis but I'll go with that!

  • Do whatever feels best for you, it doesn't matter where you do it as long as you do!

    I'm doing mine on a treadmill, just finished wk3. I chose to do it on treadmill as I feel too embarrassed to do it outside, but that's my personal feelings about myself.

    I hope once I feel better about myself and have more confidence that I can run (well shuffle) then I'll feel brave enough to run outside

    Good luck with the journey however you decide to do it x

  • Thanks Slinkyminky. I'm like you and prefer it if no-one sees me. You are right, it doesn't matter as long as I do it. Hopefully I will get there!

  • I'm glad I've seen this post as I'm starting this week and planning on doing it at the gym on the treadmill as I'm deffo not ready to run in the street haha

  • many people use a treadmill, so go for it! If ultimately you want to run outside though I would go for it fairly soon, even if you go somewhere away from your village to start with, or go really early! I had the benefit of starting in winter in the pitch dark, (no treadmill) so was feeling more brave by the time the lighter nights arrived, I'm still overweight but have more confidence now so I don't care too much about being seen, even though my face lights up like a beacon when I would prefer to be invisible!

  • Thanks, I'm glad I'm not the only one who "lights up like a beacon"😏

  • you are not alone! There are at least a few of us here with effective facial heat conduction systems!

  • That made me laugh, even when I was younger and a bit fitter I always lit just shows that you are trying!

  • I started on the treadmill, at week 5 I ventured outside, what a difference. I find the time seems to go a lot quicker and I feel better for being out in the fresh air. Do what you feel comfy with that way you'll stick with it. Good luck with C25K.

  • Obviously, do what you're comfortable with. I was only self-conscious on my 1st run- nobody gives a monkey's, really. Regards, Mr Beetroot Face :)

  • Mr Beetroot Face, do you think we should start a new post with before and after selfies?...........😡😡😡

  • Well, as we're going through a purple patch...:)

  • I've only done one run outside (in week 3), then saw my surgeon for a check up after hip revision last December and he's advised me to stick to the treadmill for the time being. I've just completed week 4 and have to say I'm enjoying passing every little milestone, so to speak, so have decided to celebrate graduation (!!!) with a run outside in the fresh air. As long as you're sticking to the programme and enjoying yourself it doesn't really matter whether you're an innie or an outie. 😀👍

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