Couch to 5K

W7 R2 on hold no more!!!

I went to the gym and completed it on the treadmill. I hate treadmills but needs must and today I didn't fancy the rain. Do you think its possible for my joints not to like the treadmill or is it in my head? My knees feel achy :-( I also don't have the sense of accomplishment in seeing how far I've gone. I'm definately going out for a run on Saturday. Missing the outdoors!

Happy running all!


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I'm really not sure about treadmills, I've never even stood on one! I'm sure someone will help with that one. I just wanted to say yey and well done for getting to W7, home straight now!! :D


Your not missing much! the only thing I find is it's good when it's icy out. x


Do you go to a gym? I'm thinking of joining one to cycle on my rest days to maintain some fitness. I always worry I'd fly off the end of a treadmill!! :D


I go on the treadmill occasionally but much prefer to get outside even though I find it harder. I have an aching knee at the moment and that started after my last run on the treadmill! So perhaps you're right about the joints- maybe we have got used to being outside where I think we run differently. Anyway well done for getting W7R2 done, good luck with the rest. x


I have a theory that it is kinda like repetitive type injury. Outside it's different surfaces and angles.


I did the first few weeks on a tread mill and just couldn't get started, I think its because you don't actually go anywhere, but outside you get to see so much more. I would just go out for a quick brisker than normal walk, do the time and you might be surprised just how easy you find it.

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