W3R2 and miserable gremlin

I thought Stan was going to win tonight...Firstly I had contemplated running in daylight but then last night I think Stan whispered into my daughter's ear that she wanted to come with me...and she gleefuly said that she would probably do better than me cos she's young.

Then when this evening came she announced she was off to bed for an early night..not running? I said and the response was NO! So then father Pip squawked at her a bit sarcastically, Piplet rose to it and over reacted back and he escalated it further. So she stropped off and he got a telling off from me... Then I got changed, running shoes on and nipped in the back yard to check the weather...but being quite sheltered that led me into a sense of false security..

Ok so finally attired where are my bluetooth earphones? Flat battery :( So Mr Pip said I could borrow his, but the gremlins were there too and Mr Pip's wouldn't pair with my phone... Ok lets find some conventional earphones... which Stan had got tangled into a right knot so more time wasted... I was frustrated and boiling when I set off , hatless but at least wearing my waterproof cycling jacket and some gloves and my buff thing...

Bad choice...the rain came down and there was a cold breeze in off the sea in my face...Stan wanted me to go back for my hat so he could get back into the dry indoors... But I refused.

Then the music disappeared...Grr did the first 90 sec run in silence with moanalot chuddering in my ear that this run was a disaster.

Sorted the music as i did the recovery walk and then it was time for a 3 min run... and as I set off I am trying to convert my buff into a beanie which was marvellous once I managed and it kept me distracted enough not to think too much into what I was doing

Then a 3 min walk...and I messed up the walk...Only I could screw up the walk lol.

So about 2 mins into the walk Sarah told me to I only had 2 runs to go, and to keep going. Then nothing. that was your cue to run said Stan... I hadn't thought it was but no he insisted so I ran for about a minute and then Sarah pipes up 3-2-1-go.. so I wasn't impressed and slowed down ...but then decided to keep going... so my 90 sec run was about 150 seconds... the a 90 second walk and then the last 3 minute walk...and like a drowned rat I actually ventured off the promenade and ran on the pavement in full glare of passing cars...so that was an achievement...and when I finished I was reasonably happy and felt quite good.

I learned tonight that the waterproof coat isn't...nor were the gloves. The beanie/buff was great though and Stan is a pain in the butt sometimes...


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11 Replies

  • Oh Hun, what a palaver🙄 Well done for getting it done 👍 chin up, the next one can't be as troublesome as this? Surely???

    Stan needs to b@&£er off , kick his bum back onto the couch😉

  • All those problems..yet you still completed the run. Well done Missus..you are made of strong stuff.😊

    Goos luck with R3 as Jalapenolover101 says it can't be as troublesome as that.

  • I think that counts as a huge success! You beat ALL the odds

  • I too have had a run with problem after problem and as others have said it can only get better and it does cos I've never had to deal with all those problems again.

    Well done for getting out there when it seems that the easiest thing to do s stay in and well done for getting out there in front of the passing cars

    Your doing great!

  • The hardest thing is getting out of the door sometimes! Well done for doing it, especially at the end of the day when it is so tempting to curl up on the sofa :)

  • Wow, you had a lot against you and .................... you got through it - it can only make you stronger - well done

  • Tough runs make you stronger - and you did it! Bet the Piplet suddenly got cold feet having bragged she'd be faster than you - she knows her Mum is made of sterner stuff and never gives up! She probably wishes she'd gone now. And you can pat yourself on the back having ticked another run off the list, under "suboptimal" conditions😎

  • Oooh, I have only just clocked that you are doing C25K, MotherPip - well done! I am glad you made it out, despite all the obstacles in your way, that to me, looks like you are determined enough to progress through the programme.

    Before you know it, you will have graduated and be a seasoned runner :) :)

  • I'm trying LessToLose .. plodding through week 3... Wasn't sure how I'd manage this week as eeekb2 had a big lurgy break between run2 and run3... I'm back now though.

  • It is hard at the beginning, but you will be amazed at how you can do more and more each week.

    The lurgy seems to be hitting everyone and it is good that you got back into it, I can remember many a time where something like that has made me give up altogether.

    You are doing great! :)

  • But you DID it.. despite all.. well done ! :)

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