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First 5K run in months


Yesterday, I ran my first 5k after about 3 months. I usually run 3-4k 3-4 times a week, so I tried to push myself as I want to build up my fitness and endurance.

I warmed up and stretched, but I still have muscle pain and felt quite heavy waking up this morning..

Any tips for helping to recover and also advice on how I can space my workouts?

Thank you!

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Which week are you on in C25K?


From your other posts, I gather that running has not been totally consistent, so you are still considered to be a new runner, so always leave at least one rest day between runs, on which you can do non impact cross training.

Suddenly deciding to run 5k, having not done so for some time, may need building up to. This guide to post C25k running gives advice about the 10% rule used for gauging increases to training load.

If you also refer to the guide to C25k, which i linked to in reply to your last post, there are links to both pre and post run stretches......they are not the same thing.

The other very easy way to reduce the impact of running on your body is to slow down...........most runners do not ache after running distances they are used to, unless the push too hard.

Basically, building the running body is a long slow process and the impatient runner is invariably an injured one.

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