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Gait analysis update

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Thank you to all who replied before when I was dithering over spending £25 on a gait analysis. Well, I just spent considerably more... 😳

The video was a bit shocking. I knew I over-pronated a bit but it was so obvious watching on video! I could see how stressful the impact was on my ankles and knees and whatever else. I tried on some ASICS GT-3000 5 (??!!!) with some serious cushioning in a size 7 (7! I’m a dainty 6!). Once I had got over the shock of the size of my flippers, the difference on video was obvious - everything in a straight line as it should be.

I was a bit worried before I went in that I wouldn’t be able to run for long enough to have an analysis done (😂) but it was only about 20 seconds of gentle jogging each time. I was a bit wobbly on the treadmill. T’aint natural.

Tomorrow I shall wear my new trainers for my first W2 run (no colour options so I’m stuck with grey and peach 🥴). Wish me luck and thanks again for the advice!


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The best investment you can the running context.

You won't regret it.

That’s really useful to hear, thank you. I’ve not done a gait analysis yet, partly because of being nervous about running on a treadmill, partly about running in a shop, partly just about going in to a “proper” running shop in the first place. I guess I just need to get it done 🙄

They were so friendly - totally enthusiastic about me starting running and their own running, telling me how they got started, etc. I felt like I’d just got membership to a new club and came out almost feeling like a runner after W1 🤣

The shop was called Podplus - not sure if it’s a chain, or an independent... I’m so glad I went, I think I’d have been putting a lot of unnecessary strain on my joints in regular shoes. Go for it 🙂

Don't worry about the colour, they'll probably be durge brown in a week.haha.

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ktsok in reply to

Haha. I thought the same thing. Avocado brown?!

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A photo is compulsory!

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Well done. Everything I hear about gait analysis is good, it's definitely on my to do list.

Running through some muddy puddles will help change those colours ;)

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