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Gait analysis - is it worth it?!


Has anyone had a gait analysis done? It’s £25 (‘free’ if you buy shoes there). You get video, barefoot running, fittings, different shows to try, track to run on...

I know I walk on the insides of my feet quite badly - I have to have favourite boots resoled as soft soles wear to an obvious incline. I had to wear inner soles as a kid and both ankles have collapsed unexpectedly several times of the years, usually while going down stairs...

Ok. I have answered my own question. Get the gait analysis lol. Still interested in your experiences though!

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I bought some fancy soft as a cloud comfy running shoes that weren’t cheap, without having gait analysis done, and I found out after suffering shin splints and other muscle aches that they just didn’t suit me at all. New new running shoes I bought after having gait analysis done took away all the pain when running so in my opinion absolutely worth it

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Cool. Thanks Zaza. Pain-free running sounds fab 😀


In your case, certainly, injury history should be part of the process.


This is my thoughts on shoes for running……………..which-shoes and includes a link to a post on gait analysis.

You have is a no brainer to me...........get some good advice, rather than take pot luck, as Zaza0309 did.


I had this done and I have found the benefit. I tried several pairs of shoes and the video was helpful when the guy was explaining why one pair felt better than the other.

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