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Week 6 Run 2 brain confusion!


Did week 6 run 2 a couple of days ago, and used Strava to gauge the run for the first time. The strange thing was I felt a pressure to run faster because of it! Is this normal? Also I had Michael Johnson and Strava in one half of my brain saying 'go for this, you can go a little faster if you want to' and UnfitNoMore saying 'slow and steady'! Hmmmm, ended up just speeding up a little bit towards the end of the second 10 minutes. Strava said I'd done 2km in the run - by my accounting that won't get me to 5K by week 9 but hey!

Week 6 run 3 tomorrow. Nervous ....!

PS do people set strava going on the warm up walk, and keep it on until the end of the warm down - or just start it when Michael Johnson says 'Go for it'?!

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Well done.

If you want to measure your running........just measure the running......or if you want to know your total distance, measure it all.

Don't let yourself be pressured by aiming at stats.

SueAKGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thank you. Wise words. I’ll try & resist the pressure!

Also, just read your bio, and agree how much a positive attitude helps during the C treatment. Hope it’s all going well. Thanks for being an inspiration. 😊.


Dunno about Strava but slow and steady as UNM says is definitely the way. You can't go too slow but you can go too fast. As you get through weeks 7, 8 and 9 you can speed up if your comfortable towards the end of the run. Finally don't worry about 5k, only 10% of graduates do 5k in 30 minutes. You can work on doing 5k after graduation. Have fun running!

SueAKGraduate in reply to steviej99

Thank you! Slow & steady it will be! Will try & have fun 😊


I set strava before I leave, and then I go to the website and crop the warm up and warm down later. Then you don't have to mess around with your phone after you've left the house.

Enjoy run 3 tomorrow. That's when it all starts to feel real.

SueAKGraduate in reply to DNB2512

Am looking forward to it .....sort of! Thanks for Strava tip ....


Start it when you run...but just run.. and enjoy... Slow and steady!

SueAKGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Slow & steady it will be. Well, slow anyway 😂


I count my warm up and cool down walks too, which is getting me close to 5k (about 4.25k) including walks

So by the time the runs have got longer I should be about there, I think...ish

Liz5KGraduate in reply to Lozzles74

That’s what I’m doing too. 😊

SueAKGraduate in reply to Liz5K


SueAKGraduate in reply to Lozzles74

Thanks - and well done you 😊

I use Strave for warm up and cool down walk , purely to see my total distance. And stick to a slow and steady pace. Don't feel the need to speed up, just happy to see and feel the progress each week. I think once comfortable with running the full 5K the speed will develop . Good luck on the 25 minute run , will be mine next too....and like you feeling a little nervous .

SueAKGraduate in reply to Anne-13

Good luck to you as well! Hope we can relax and enjoy it hey?


So what's this Strava all about then?

I just listen to Sanjit and my music and off I go.... 🐌🐛🐜🏃‍♀️


Nice and slow for the next couple of weeks now defiantly week 7 as well, week 8 push it a little if you feel up to it as you will be a lot stronger by then.

In the beginning I was just delighted to be alive at the end of a run but now I'm nearing the end I've done the classic man thing of having to measure things and analyse them which for me pushes me on a bit quicker. I blame having a watch I can look at which tells me the minutes per mile as a go along.


That sounds like a snazzy watch! Well done for being nearly there.

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