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Week 7 Run 2 ☔️


After 4 rest days due to an aching hip, off I drove this morning down to the park. It was raining with no sign at all of it letting up, so took a couple of towels with me! I needed to run! I thought ‘Let’s make this one count’. I have not been the most speedy runner to date 😂 and hey, I know it doesn’t matter but I didn’t heed my own advice this morning as I thought it was time to be just a little less cautious. Michael was there to meet me, of course, and reassured me that I had done this distance before. Queen ON and off we went! Warm up walk over, watch started and I’m off! 🏃‍♀️ (Got to love all these gadgets and apps!)

As always, the first 5 minutes are difficult. For me, the doubts creep in and I struggle a little with settling into a steady pace. Michael announces 5 minutes and I settle down. I’m think I’m running faster than usual, but it feels comfortable so I push the doubts aside about whether I can keep it up and keep going! Shimmy round the gate, slow down a bit for the slope and I’m halfway!

Hip feels good, pace feels good and Queen in my ears, I’m enjoying it! Michael announces 5 minutes left and I look for the little copse I’ve found on other runs, but I can’t see it. I left my glasses in the car because of the rain. I like the copse because it’s harder underfoot and really helps me speed up for the last minute. Nope, can’t find it! So when Michael says I can speed up for the last 30 seconds, I did, but it wasn’t as much as on the last run.

Felt really good when I finished! I knew I was faster and checked my stats; yesss! Average pace was 9.37 min/km! First time under 10 minutes! You’ll have to start calling me Speedy! Annoyingly, Strava put the elevation (55 m) instead of my pace in the summary, I guess it thought that the elevation was more impressive 😂

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Amazing well done!! I sometimes find not looking at your pace at all actually helps you be that little bit quicker, that's what I found today on my run and the last run anyway! I should have brought a towel with me haha, my cap was dripping water on my walk back it was awful, good on you too for not listening to the devil on your shoulder - can be harder in the later weeks but you've pushed through it so you know you can do that next time. Not long to go now! :)

Jools2020Graduate in reply to packersruns

Thank you! Yes, that devil on my shoulder is usually for the first five minutes!



Well done Jools , so pleased to see you out there again today

But also pleased you took those days rest !

What I noticed from you post is the fact your hip didn't seem to bother you ?

Haha and you even does up a bit 😬👍👏

Well done you !

That will be a good one to have got out of the way after a few days off .

I'm happy for you !

I will be out later for my run (just need to let my breakfast digest , although it was only porridge😁)

Enjoy the rest of the day ! 👏👍

Jools2020Graduate in reply to Instructor57

I’m just eating my porridge now 😀

Hip was fine, and yes! Really speeding up, now. Maybe I was hurrying to get back to the car, out of the rain!

Instructor57Graduate in reply to Jools2020

Haha enjoy your poridge !

And I'm so pleased your back pain free 😬👍🏃🎉

Woooo! Well done!

We're all turning into proper wee Speedy Gonzales' these days! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Jools2020Graduate in reply to TheRajimuffin

Thanks! Yes, my middle name is now speedy! 😂 It was a big effort, though. Probably premature in where I am in the program, but just wanted to be less cautious today.


Well done Speedy....

Jools2020Graduate in reply to Roxy71


Well done speedy!

Great run and pace with the looks of it, awesome 👏🏻

Jools2020Graduate in reply to wobbles_when_runs

Thank you ( I do know that it’s not really speedy - just speedy for me) 😂


Wow that’s fab Julia! 👏👏👏

So pleased your back out running again.... sounds like the rest has done you good.. Hip pain dealt with.

Don’t you just love ‘Our Michael’ keeping us company.

I’ve added a couple of Queen to my playlist - 🎵’Don’t stop me now’ a firm favourite but it’s rapid when it kicks in 👍

1 more then you’re on week 8!!! 👏👏👏

Completely fab!

Jools2020Graduate in reply to Tinytears60

Thank you, Jane! Yes, running again, hip much better. Always a concern if you have an injury.

I love Queen and ‘Don’t stop me now’ is one of my favourites!

Can’t believe I’m almost on Week 8!

Tinytears60Graduate in reply to Jools2020

I know!.. it’s brilliant how well your doing... I don’t know about you but I looked at people on here with so much envy (and respect) when they posted about weeks 5 onwards, never dreamt I could get there but intent on giving it a go 🏃🏽‍♀️

We will get there...

I’m having an enforced 2nd rest day because I have an appt. I usually like to do the final run in a Thursday but hey ho - not this week


Jools2020Graduate in reply to Tinytears60

And you are doing really well, too! Powering through those runs. I agree, I never thought I’d get to week 7!

Sometimes it’s good to change the routine. You’ll do your next run when it suits and good luck with it! 😀

Well done ... hip rested and better .... and best time yet ! That necessary rest has obviously helped.

No glasses on ... that was brave ... I’d be like a mole ! That said when I can’t see through rain I tend to do my best times as I’m not checking my watch all the time !

Upwards and onwards ! 7 runs left !

Jools2020Graduate in reply to PlymBorn

I’m ok running without glasses but can’t see into the distance so was annoyed I couldn’t find the copse! But that run felt gooood!

I know! 7 runs left! 1 more here in Bucks, then back to the Norfolk fens. Look out Week 8 I’m coming for you 😂

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