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So all the fear of W5r3 mostly unfounded.... managed it..... wouldn’t say comfortably....but managed it! Just had to dig a ‘wee’ bit deeper to keep going .......was off putting ‘Laura’ saying 2 minutes to go when she normally tells you 1 minute 🤔

Glad I dug deep and as Laura keeps saying ‘look where you were 5 weeks ago.

Walked W6r1 yesterday and will do same today ....run tomorrow.

Still looking for tips to break the habit of wine in the evening though 😞

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I used to have a glass each night with tea but cut down to 1 bottle to last the weekend. Buy Friday and when it’s gone it’s gone. Try and find a sugar free cordial or dilute fresh juice with fizzy water. I know it’s not the same but that helped me. Also my partner is a mom drinker that definitely helps. Good luck

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Great job on the run.., enjoy W6R1

You could send all your wine to me... I’d look after it for you 😂

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