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Dreading W5R3


Managed to get out at 6.30 this morning and complete W5R1. Made the mistake of looking at R3 and dreading it. I’m going to buy running shoes this afternoon. I’ve found a shop locally that does gait analysis so hopefully this will help. Anyone got any advice on running shoes or running for 20 minuets without stopping. I know I’ve just got to get on with it but my head is saying something different.

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Just do what you can. If you can't quite manage it, you can have another go in a few days time. I'm sure you'll do it though. We all surprise ourselves sometimes. 👍

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I know I’ve got to give it a try and worrying about it won’t change it. It just seems like a massive step up from run 2. Having said all that 5 weeks ago I thought running for a minute was impossible.

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You got to give it your best. Anyway it's just 2 10 min runs without the break! 🍀🤞Best of luck. 🙂


I did it last week, the app lets you know how you are doing every 5 minutes so I took the advice someone gave me & treated it as 4 x 5 minutes runs mentally. Plus rewarded myself with a jelly baby after running 10 minutes, it’s a bit of ritual I have got into, put one jelly baby in my pocket when I get ready. All the best you will do it

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Thanks for the advice, I’m going to try and stop worrying and just get on with it.


Run slowly. Really slowly if you need to. Especially in this heat. Drink lots!! I had my first experience of running and dehydration. You can definitely do the run and I think it's easier than stoppimg and starting. Good luck!!

This is the one we all thought would break us but the programme is so clever. Tell yourself you love running to keep the gremlins quiet. 👏

keep us updated please. Im doing my w5r1 on monday so ill be curious as to how you do. and great job getting this far.

If I manage 20 minuets I’ll be shouting from the rooftops.

I've just got in from w5r3. It's true that longer runs feel easier than stop-start. W5r2 I actually enjoyed and it did make me believe I could do 20 minutes In one go. Just go for it. I feel absolutely amazing at having done it. I let out a big Whoop! at the end and threw my arms in the air!

Congratulations, I’m beginning to think the thought of it is worse than actually doing it.

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