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W5R3 - ouch!

Just finished my w5r3 and chuffed to say I named it without stopping. It was hard work, but a great feeling hearing Laura announce the 20 minutes was up.

The only downside is that my right calf is incredibly tight and sore. I know it's nothing serious as I suffered a torn calf a few years ago and that's a different pain entirely but it's very frustrating as I am planning to do my local Park Run on Saturday to celebrate my 50th birthday. Fingers crossed that Ice packs and stretching do the trick!!

Still very pleased that I managed the 20 mins, thought it might be tougher than it was.

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Well done on competing that momentous run. Now take it easy and get that calf fixed up. You could try a rolling pin on it to loosen it up.


Well done Stevie. Sorry to hear about the calf, sounds like a good rest will do the trick.

All the best for your birthday and hope you get to do your parkrun as intended.


Take it easy and I hope the ache from the grin subsides soon. Although it may spoil your birthday plans, if you are not fit then you really should give it a rest at parkrun or risk being out for even longer. Hopefully you will make it. Good luck and happy birthday.


Bet you're feeling a real sense of achievement (as well as a painful leg). Can't wait to run 20 continuous minutes! Hope you're fit for the Park Run.


Thank you all for the comments and encouragement. I've got everything crossed that I'm not laid up too long


Hi Stevie - hope that calf muscle settles down. I am a big beliver in the power of ice! You mention an old calf tear? As someone who is out of action due to tearing a calf muscle last week, do you have any tips for recovery? I was at week 8 of program and really feeling the positive physical and emotional benefits of running when I tore a muscle at work. know it could be a long slow road back but have read so much doom and gloom about this condition that I'm worried my running days could be over. How long before you could run again?


Hi Sandra

I'm sure your running days will return just as mine did. The only things that were any use for me when I tore my calf were ice as you already mentioned and keeping the leg elevated. My local hospital gave me conflicting advice from different departments so I read quite a bit from different running forums and the ice and elevation treatment seemed to be the common solution - along with time!

It was around a month before I stopped feeling any discomfort from the leg but other things got in the way and I have only just gotten back to running two years later, hence the C25K programme.

I would recommend a pair of compression socks or a calf compression sleeve for the injured leg when you are ready to start out again, I was running without my compression socks yesterday and can't help feeling that it contributed to my tight muscle afterwards. I also think it would be a good idea to ease yourself back in with a couple of runs from the early weeks rather than going straight back to w8 runs (probably stating the obvious there).

Good luck with your recovery and with the rest of the programme - you're nearly there so don't let this set-back discourage you too much!


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