W5R3 - made it just!

I have been following the blogs on this page since I started and they have been fab at keeping me going - this is my first contribution! Perhaps its part of feeling I am a runner - I know Laura says its a bit later (or say you other more advanced bloggers have told me) but I feel one now. I wasn't dreading this run even though I should have been as with Laura's programme I had been amazed at how I had managed all the other bits and was confident that it would be just fine. Set off - 5 minutes - if it hadn't been for Laura I would have stopped - it was a real slog and I wanted to give up lots - but I kept imagining how **** i would feel if I didn't do it - and Laura kept me going - without her I would have stopped. The last bit I began to feel sick - but I kept going - and made it - and I felt more shattered than I had ever before - it took half an hour before the elation came in -no energy before then. So really glad its an interval run next - just what i need!

Thank you Laura and all you who have been blogging so well from the start and keeping me going -


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9 Replies

  • Well done. This run is a real milestone in the programme - you've run for 20 minutes continuously which is a fantastic achievement. Enjoy that feeling!

  • yep - i am enjoying it!

  • Well done you! You have gotten over one of the hardest milestones on C25K and honestly, if you stick with it, you will definitely graduate. The definition of a runner is 'someone who runs' no distance, or time or graduate badge required! So you are certainly a runner and now a blogger too! This is a very supportive site and really helped me stick with it to the end of C25K and beyond. Let us know how you get on with the rest of the programme. :-)

  • W6R1 done - and feeling better - the support of this programme and site is awesome.

  • 20 minutes is brill - bet you couldnt have done that a few weeks ago, well done!

  • Too right I couldn't - 8 lots of 60 seconds was quite an effort - I am amazed I can do it now even if it was a huge effort - I do love this programme - even when I am not feeling it is possible the container of the programme convinces me I can - and it works. Thank you for your encouragement.

  • Well done!!! You are at the same stage of the programme as me. I'm sure we'll complete week 6 without too many problems. Week 6 run 1 for me tomorrow and looking forward to it!

  • Lovely to hear from someone at the same stage - thank you. I did W6R1 this morning - and it was so much better - looking forward to the rest of the week and yes I am sure we can both complete it! Good luck tomorrow with your run. This programme is so good isn't it?

  • It's amazing! I really didn't think I'd get this far but I find I look forward to going out running! I've never looked forward to running before in my life. It has to be because the programme is set out properly to motivate you and build up your stamina. I think in the past when I've attempted to run It's been all about how fast I can go! Good luck with week 6. xxx

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