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First 3 runs of week 1 complete!


I've just completed my first 3 runs of week 1 and I'm feeling impressed with myself.

I'm very unfit and fall into the obese category weight wise so it's really been a huge challenge to complete week 1.

Any tips or help for week 2?


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Trust the program.


You've completed week 1 so you're obviously doing something right!

Keep it really slow and gentle, and like SlowLoris says, believe in the programme, and believe in yourself!


Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

Enjoy your journey.

I know the feeling. W1 almost killed me! At W6 now and loving it! Even hating the “rest” days 😂😂 stick with the plan slow and easy does it 👍

I can't believe i managed it, even had my 9 year old out with me tonight. Determined to get fitter and be a good example to both my kids. Thanks for the comments 😊


Well done I just finished week one and also obese and I am just taking my time.


Well done!! Just relax try to enjoy and follow the program

Well done on finishing week 1! I am also on week 1, am supposed to be heading out the door any moment to complete R3 but am procrastinating by reading these posts, haha. Very windy here today which makes me edgy. But looking forward to being able to say I've completed week 1 as well, so better get to it. 😊


Hi, well done on week 1 completion. I too am a heavier jogger and terrified of running. I think if you’ve done it just trust that you will manage week 2. It’s so amazing that you’ve started and are motivated to keep going. Just take it step by step and you will get there. I’m on week 3, never would have thought it possible!! Read the info for beginners, really useful. Good luck 😉

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Thank you, I'm also doing a zumba class in between running days. Determined to do it 😊

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