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The difference C25K makes!!


Having giggled to myself at the sight of my husband and myself leaving the house in lycra with a kettle bell in one hand and an exercise mat in the other, I was thinking how times have changed and the difference that C25K has made to the entire family. This time 4 years ago there wasn't a pick of lycra in the house. We walked the dog and went for coffee and occasionally went for a wee cycle - occasionally. Turn the clock on 4 years and we now have 4 purple 25 Parkrun volunteer shirts in our house, a 50 Parkrun and a 100 Parkrun shirt. We have one non running family member but she volunteers at Parkrun and junior Parkrun every week. Of the other 4, all have completed a half marathon, one has completed 2 marathons and one has completed 4 marathons. None of this would have happened without C25K. I look back at when we started and can still remember asking my husband to pause the app because I couldn't finish the 1 minute runs!! My son has aspergers and never took part in sports at school but has completed C25K and finished a half marathon this year - a few years ago I would have bet my house on that being impossible. The moral of the story is - anything is possible. C25K is hard, but possible. The benefits to our entire family are there for all to see, from the increased physical activity and decreasing waistlines to the vastly improved social skills through taking part and volunteering. If you are thinking of starting C25K or have started and think it is beyond you - trust me - I have countless examples in my house to prove that it is possible - if me and mine can do it - so can you!

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What a great story, and very inspiring! Just coming to the end of the programme now and I've loved it, despite not wanting to get out of bed to run some mornings! I intend to start Parkruns when I can run 5K, personally I don't see the point in going yet to just walk around part of the course because I can already walk 5k easily - I want the satisfaction of knowing that I can RUN it :o) Will be sad to leave Laura behind but getting very excited to see where this journey is now going to take me - you and your family are such an inspiration - I wonder what I'll be doing in four years!

mcgurranhouseGraduate in reply to Boofle999

More and more running hopefully!! :) Good luck.


This is so lovely! Thanks for sharing 😊


What an inspiration! Brilliant.


Just awesome... thanks for this:

How. INCREDIBLY. Inspiring. You. Are!

I loved reading your post. It should be pinned and read by everyone considering the program. Respect!

mcgurranhouseGraduate in reply to Mayanow

Thank you - needless to say I am quite proud of them all.

Of course you are!! My daughters are (for the time being) quite indifferent to my running. I wish they were inspired but no! 😯

Such an inspiring story and lovely to read! You and your family epitomises the aims of C25K. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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