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What a difference a year makes !

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I posted the following in the 'Bridge to 10k' forum a few days ago and it has been suggested that Couch to 5k members might also find it interesting and hopefully supportive to your running journeys:

I recently passed the anniversary of my starting c25k. So what's happened during that year?

Well Runkeeper tells me that I've completed 151 runs, totalling 1290 km. I graduated c25k on 25 July and after consolidation, started to work towards 10k, which I achieved in October. I've done 31 parkruns and volunteered 4 times - what a fantastic invention!

Currently I continue to run 3 times a week - one 5k (experimenting with intervals at present), one 8-10k and parkrun. I was really pleased to get a parkrun PB of 27.39 two weeks ago, which took me into the 60% age-graded band. I'm still working on a sub one hour 10k.

I guess what has made a significant difference has been health-related. I've previously posted about being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last May at the age of 63 and that reinforced my motivation to get fitter and lose some weight. In conjunction with a low carb, low sugar diet, running has helped me lose over 3 stone from a starting point of 14 and a half . That contributed to my blood sugar level dropping from 54 to 42 (one above the normal range). My next annual assessment won't be till November but I'm confident that will show I am now lower still!

But the most important aspect has been the enjoyment I get from running. I've never been ‘sporty’ and it still sometimes surprises me that I am a runner! The support from this forum and from VRBs has been a key factor in enabling me to achieve what I have and carry on. Happy running and thanks to all - particularly the forum admins, without whom…...😀

P.S. Since originally writing this, I've managed a 59.58 10k!

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Congratulations on great running and health achievements.🌸

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JonathanPGraduate in reply to MsLegs

Thanks Redpink

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Such a brilliant post JonathanP!! So many achievements!! And those PBs are amazing!! Congratulations!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽❤️

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JonathanPGraduate in reply to Fabulous450

Thanks Fabulous

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Congratulations on all your achievements well done 😊👏👏👏

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JonathanPGraduate in reply to Buddy34

Thanks Buddy - keep running!😀

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Thank you and congratulations on those PB, they are brilliant

I am really enjoying reading about everyone's experience in life post C25K

Thanks again

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JonathanPGraduate in reply to backintime

Thanks backintime - congratulations on recently graduating from c25k! Enjoy your consolidation👍

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What a lovely post. Enjoying going for a run has come as quite a surprise to me too but can't imagine being without it now.

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JonathanPGraduate in reply to danis

Thanks danis - yes it's definitely part of my life!😀

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Wow JP..You are an inspiration to us all! You have achieved so much..be proud..be very proud :)

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JonathanPGraduate in reply to CRAZYCATME

Thanks CCM - I couldn't have done it without the programme and support👍

Yay!! Yay!! And YAAAAY you... what an inspiring story x x thanks so much for sharing x

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JonathanPGraduate in reply to Kertesz

Thanks Kertesz! I see you already run 5k in under 30 mins - well done !😀

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