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still doing it my way


Am about to do W7 R1 tonight. Although as previously stated I can and do run for more than the actual app time but listen to MJ for encouragement. At the minute am doing a figure of 8 pounding the streets for about 45 mins, its just shy of 6k

Duffed doing my first parkrun last week due to the snow and sleet but am definitely on for this weekend.

Still not smoking (39 days and counting) but struggling with the horrendous after affects of taking myself off Champix after only 3 weeks. Those things are evil :-(

anyway, I'm getting there and hoping my mood/mindset picks up soon. Ive stopped crying in the shower :-)

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Fantastic. Sounds like you’re really doing well chasing multiple goals. I am totally listening to the podcasts for the personal cheer squad. Laura tells me how great I’m doing. Have fun parkrunning- it’s lots of fun.

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