Doing it backwards

well...I didn't run backwards but I have established my long run route which is lovely, but I go out with the intention of completing a HM but I get stuck at SPAR because thats where I normally get collected if doing a 10 mile run....So, I decided to do it in reverse ( very clever panther I thought, I was rather pleased with myself for that one).

I loaded up with a drink ( Berrocca), and some snacky snacks in the form of sweets. I allowed myself a sweet every 5k, so here are the stats:

5K: Squidge em ( Drumstick flavour)- too squidgy and got rammed against my teeth. Arrived at Spar, felt good.

10k :Haribo rhubarb and custard- too sweet and frankly disgusting. Lots of hills, getting a tad tired.

15k: Randoms ice cream- perfect, it melted nicely with a bit of a sugary rush too. I can't do it, but here I am on Bristol suspension bridge and its pretty, so come on panther, 'push that body, punish that body'.

21.1k : Randoms trifle- nice and melty. Very tired, legs stiff and I kept thinking 'how the f*** will I ever get to do a whole marathon!!!!

I didn't encounter many people which suits me fine as panthers prefer to hunt alone. I had my Ministry of sound 2014 album blasting in my ears, and I managed a few little dances too.

Final scores on the doors: 2 hours 15 minutes and I am happy with that :)

Happy Panthering everyone :)




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17 Replies

  • Wow *picks jaw up off the floor* how do you do it!? 21.1k? My legs would be screaming, I wouldn't be standing. Amazingly inspirational, you deserve every single sweet! Well on your way to a marathon!

  • Oh thankyou so much, and you would be fine ...with the right training ;) I love sweets!!!

  • Wow! another one on the floor just reading that! What an inspiration you are! Fantastic.

  • Thankyou so much that means alot....

  • What's your secret? ( apart from being a panther, obviously ) x

  • hee hee...yes being a panther is obviously key...however I would say its about accepting running is HARD!! and then ....enjoying the rush, the adrenalin and most importantly the endorphins...and the sheer bliss of being at one with all of nature and being totally free...and strong! Sorry I went on a bit there!!!

  • Jeez...I am totally in awe of your amazing achievement today ! You are inspiring , motivational and I'm gonna read this post first thing EVERY morning this week ...twice on the wet ones -and we are expecting a few, not my favourite run conditions.... Oh and thanks for the sweetie trial !

    Seriously, well done have that marathon in your sights now,surely ?

    Raising a big glass of red to you this evening ...hope you are celebrating too x

  • Oh that is so wonderful, I am really really touched....Wet ones are so hard aren't they?!! I have a rule: dark + wet = no run!!!! Thankyou so much...

  • Here here on the red wine front. Well done JJ - fantastic achievement and a great time - Bath here you come. On the sweetie front I am currently experimenting with cola bottles and tang fantastics. Yummy.

  • I wish we were doing the marathon together...I would so love training with you!!! I will definately try the cola bottles and fantastics...I love the sugar hit, but I can't cope with too much chewing!!!! X

  • Crikey, JJ, I thought that you'd been ill!!!!! Well, lots of sweeties are obviously the way forward!

    What a great feeling of achievement to get you through the week!

  • you know...on Tuesday I thought I was going to die ( cystitis...yuck!!!), and I didn't feel better till Friday, but I have to get my training in as my HM is only 4 weeks away now !! Thankyou so much xx

  • Oh, yuck! Commiserations. Plenty of fliuds (but I know that you know that!!) Keep panthering!

  • Wawee!!! Wish I could do that. I think you will manage the marathon fine. You have the determination and motivation. Well done!

    S X

  • Thankyou... I'm training for 2 HM's in march, I haven't dared sign up for a full one yet, that's still out of my league!!!!!

  • 21.1K?!!! I can't even imagine what that feels like. And you ate only 1 sweet every 5K? I think I'd need a whole box of chocs between each 5K.

    What do you think about on that length of run? Do you just listen to music and zone out?

    Really well done.

  • Thankyou... The sweets helped with my takes me at least 5k just to get into the run and get rid of aches and pains, body complaints etc... After that I try to be 'in the moment' and take in everything around me and I think about stuff in my life and work and it makes more sense after a run. Then if I'm struggling or on a big hill, I focus on something near and aim for it, then the next etc till it passes then I'm also in the zone... I hope that helps?

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