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Delinquent runner still doing it


I am running I promise, it's just not three times a week at the moment, (my chart on the fridge is positively seething at me! lol) I've done half an hour out there this morning and it was alright. I picked up my first twisted injury a week ago, going over both ways on the same ankle in the space of 4 minutes - crossing a railway line and then avoiding a dog deposit (I hate that, ok it's the great outdoors but it's a public footpath a foot to the left in long grass fine but leaving it in the middle of the path itself is not on!)

What have I missed? Is the new podcast ready? What's this about t shirts? And are we still on for Sep running meet?

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I'm on the same page when it comes to dogs dirt (as my mum calls it). More recently I have been running a route from my doctors surgery to home, which involves crossing from one side of Belfast to the other. Although my Doctor is located in the neigbourhood I grew up in, the first half of my run is always the worst as, although it's not rural a lot of people believe in having tough 'street dogs', which I have come to notice on a warm June day equates to a contant smell of sh*t!!!!

The area I live in now is more city centre based, young prof and students, so not a lot of pets around. I don't like giving my old community a bad name, but it has always been one thing that has annoyed me, a least when you walk you seem to have gaps in the smell because you aren't coming across the next pile so quickly!

Another strange story on the tow path I run along that is well looked after when in comes to people picking up after their dogs - their is one owner who does scoop and bag their dogs poop, but then ties the bags to the trees along the path :( I have no idea why someone would do this...I think I would rather they leave it for nature to deal with on the path!

Rant over!

Hope the ankle holds up! Getting out a little is always better than not at all, at least you are keeping the momentum going.


And then you get the idiots at the other extreme - I had some guy shouting at me this morning "to fxxxing clean that up" before the poo had even fully appeared out of the dog's bum and despite the fact that I was standing there ready with bag in hand. Was sorely tempted to chuck the full bag at him when I was done, just to prove I had picked up of course! ;-)


Good to hear from you. I've got my first nasty injury but not from running. I've not missed many runs since I started all those months ago but now that I have committed to a Race for Life ( this Sunday ) I have a very very painful ankle. I've not hurt it running or at zumba, I'm not sure how I've done it but it aches so badly it wakens me at night and I limp about all the time. I've not run now for 8 days and am finding it really frustrating. Weirdly I could jog a bit on the beach with my grandson on Sunday morning for a few minutes but that was barefooted. I was really just chasing after him towards a waterfall. :) As soon as I put my shoes back on my ankle started hurting. My plan is to strap it up on Sunday and just get on with it but hopefully if I rest it for a few more days it will improve anyway. I think the new podcasts are coming out in July now but I had been using the trial one for a few weeks and have come to kind of like it. Have you done your Race for Life, have I missed your blog about it?


Hi :) no, not done the race yet it's 15 Jul

Not good on the foot - have you worked out what's going on yet?


Unfortunately not but I tried to jog a bit while walking my daughter's dog yesterday and it was a lot better than it has been. I've strapped it up and think I'll be fine. It's kind of spoiled the excitement of doing my first public run and to top it all my daughter has had really bad tonsilitis this week having to take some really strong antibiotics so we are going to be a right pair. Got to remember the whole point of this one is to raise money so if we end up walking it won't be the end of the world. :)


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