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W2R2 on a cold and frosty morning


I've been sleeping really badly these last few nights and at 4 o'clock this morning I found myself thinking, 'If it wasn't so dark, I'd go out for my run now.' That's when I realized this C25K thing has got its hooks in me. I went out at 9.30 with my neighbour and there was frost on the rooftops as we did our brisk 5-minute warm-up walk, which, coincidentally and luckily takes us from our front doors to the entrance to the sports centre, just in time for a downhill first run. A downhill first run is a great way for me to start because it makes me feel that it's not too hard, and I can do it! Not so good on the way back up at the end of the session though! Despite the lack of sleep, I feel quite energized after the run (well, let's call it what it is, a slow jog rather than an actual run!) and looking forward to my next run on Tuesday.

Who'd have thought on 1 October when I started this that it would so quickly become something to enjoy, rather than endured?

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Great job. Slow jog is just perfect, it builds you better and faster than fast running. Loving this already is good, obviously you’ll soon be addicted, the signs are wearing very loud sports clothing and needing sunglasses on to tie your laces! That uphill at the end may be a beast, but it will make you faster in the long run. Keep enjoying it, you’re gonna love the runs in the second half of this.

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