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A Cold And Frosty Morning

I like to record my runs here. I have to credit this forum for keeping me focused on my running for these last 6 months. I think that running has now become a habit.

The forecast for this morning was pretty cold. I wrapped up warm and went out at 6.30 am for my run. Fewer people than normal were out and about. I didn't see anyother runners or dog walkers. Just a couple of desolate looking figures wrapped up against the cold trudging their way to work.

I am planning to do four runs this week but I have been cautioned not to increase my distance by more than 10%. A couple of shorter, faster runs may be in order for the rest of the week.

I have been out watching football tonight and it was getting really frosty when I came home. I must admit that I am glad that tomorrow is a rest day.

Happy runnings.

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How sensible to be factoring in shorter, faster runs. How cold is "pretty cold" where you are at the moment, Hardy Northerner? Southern Softie just intrigued! Happy running tomorrow, enjoy your rest day today. Hope the footie was good. ❄️👏🏻🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻⚽️🌡😀😀

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It's freezing out there at the moment! Well done for getting out there regardless, Nightingale!

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Just be careful of the fourth run. As I mentioned in another post, if you add just one more 5K run then that's an increase of 33%! Reduce the distance and spread out the mileage and, as you say, keep within the 10% increase.

I do admire you for running when it's so early and dark 👏


I'm taking today as another rest day today too - it's very white out there this morning and looks slippery!


I am not a fan of Facebook but after week 1 run 1, I posted to my very few fb friends that I had started. Not because I wanted to bore them with updates but because if I told anyone then I would have to finish it.

Then I found this forum which was an even better motivator. Yes, it is good to be able to share our experiences.

After a few weeks I started copying my posts and created a blog (I don't share with anyone, it is just my personal diary)

So thanks everyone


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