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Cold, frosty, coughing & spluttering


First run of the week....well, first run since last flipping Monday!!! That’s YONKS for me but life & the weather have played a part in that! My car decided to just DIE in the middle of the road on Thursday after being in the garage on Wed...and was in all weekend...then there’s this cold & persistent cough that I can’t seem to shake off...If I get a cold, which isn’t very often, it’s usually in October & if I don’t get one then chances are I’ve escaped it!! But not this year, Oh No, I’ve had this one for weeks...but I’ve run through it...& the same must be said for tonight’s run...I ran through the coughing & the has come to my attention that I have been colder this year than ever before in my life because I am a runner & I am a runner that will run when it’s freezing, raining, windy...I have been cold to the one time you wouldn’t get me out of the house in winter unless it was absolutely necessary but now I don’t even think about it! The only thing I do avoid is the ice because I’m terrified of falling...even more so now as I don’t want injury hampering my running!!! So, tonight I had yet another enjoyable run...the fog coming out of my mouth made it look like I was vaping it was proper freezing...I am SURE spring is just around the is isn’t it??? Not sure which corner though!!!

Happy running my lovely family x

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Ah lovely to hear my friend. Hope your car is fixed, the cold weather must have attacked it, lol.

At least you're out there, rain, wind or shine and that's fighting spirit. I am desperate to get out there, but time is not of the essence, but at least the nights are getting lighter xx 😘


'I don’t want injury hampering my running!!!' Would you have said that 3 months ago?!! You've come soooooo far MC, your journey has been hard, but you've fought for it and here you are, out in all weathers doing you thing, running through phlegm, snot, the lot!! :) You are intrepid and awesome! xx

With so many demands on your time, busy mum that you are MummyCav, I'm so impressed that you squeeze your runs in when you can.😊

Hope you shake that cold and cough off and feel better soon. 😙xx

nicely done Mummycav! Just like the mail carriers - rain, sleet, wind. It doesn't matter to you! Black Ice is serious business tho. Soon Spring will be here. Or there at least.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Decker

Love that quote... "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.. I wrote a post on it once:)

Suits folks like us and certainly Mummycav :)

Decker in reply to Oldfloss

That’s the one! Yes getting through the winter runs makes you appreciate the warm weather all the more.

I am in awe.🌟👍

Are you able to use to use a nasal spray.🤔

If so First Defence by Vicks does what it says.👍magic for winters.

Or even a light touch of Vicks cream below your nostrils at night🤔helps.

Hopefully BFTE disappears soon.

It has been a bad one.🙈

Spring is near.🏃‍♀️👏👏🌟


Good on you! We can't let the weather win.

I hope your cold takes a hike very soon. 👍🤗


Hey you...very well done !

Happy first Official Day of Spring. is on its way.... I have seen the signs :)

You did brilliantly and yes, it has been so, so cold... I ran on Friday and it was 16 degrees... and Saturday it snowed and the wind returned.. -9 Real feel!!!

Hope you feel much better soon !

Nice to hear you are out again. I had a week without running too but went out last night. So good to be running 🏃‍♀️👍


Spring? I think we had that last Friday! I was out running on Friday in shorts and t-shirt in the bright sunshine and 14°c. Saturday it was -2°c. Mad weather.

Well done on getting out there. I will have to drag myself out later today..........


Happy for your good run :) Remember about good clothes and layering to keep yourself warm even during runs, but not overheated.

I assume you did all you can for the cough including inhalation, night VapoRub treatment, cough syrups, natural remedies (garlic, onion syrup, ginger, tumeric, cayenne pepper, etc). Hope you will get rid of it soon.

You are doing amazing!

MummycavModerator in reply to IgaT

Thank you...I have tried everything except the natural remedies...but now I know what they are I can try that too!! See? It’s not always about running, we have all sorts of advice to give!! xx

IgaTGraduate in reply to Mummycav

:) I have several good natural recepies. The basic one is just onion syrup if you can eat onion. It's easy: chop 1 onion add 1 tablespoon of sugar, leave overnight or for 8 hours. Onion should let the juice out. Take 1 tablespoon of juice 3-4x per day. It has particular taste, but it's quite sweet and in my opinion not bad, much better than most over the counter syrups :)

If you want more recipies just let me know

Well done for getting out with your cough ‘n’ all.

I had a horrible chest infection and couldn’t even dream of running. Fortunately the antibiotics seem to have worked their magic. I hope you feel better soon. You could try making a drink from honey and cider vinegar. It sounds ghastly (in hot water) but does wonders for a sore throat. It doesn’t taste that bad either.

Good for you getting out & commiserations on the car. I've been stuck in a sinus-snow-sinus rut but finding selenium/zinc/vit c supplements good as well as first defence & elderberry syrup with manuka honey in it by the Pukka company. Keep going - it IS spring even if it doesn't feel like it!

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