A new first for me (and hubby) today

A new first for me (and hubby) today

For the past few months I've suggested to my DH that the could join me on his bike while I do a run. So today he joined me. Due to having a bad back at the moment he choose to use a wee folding bike we're storing for DS rather than his mountain bike. He was supposed to be acting as photographer, 'coach' and water bottle carrier. He did the photographer bit ok, but spend most of the run 500m ahead or behind me, so no coaching and not always there when I needed water. I ran 15 km run along a private road in Glen Strathfarrar, so there was very little traffic except a Scottish Hydro van (the river has a hydropower station) and a couple of anglers.

We set off a bit too fast and after a couple of kms he asked if I was going to be stopping! Ha!! "No! No stopping!" This was supposed to be my long, slow, distance run today, but with the initial fast start I thought I make it a 40 mins run at tempo pace, followed by a slow run. 40 mins came and I was still feeling strong, so I kept on at what was for me a slow tempo pace, ie about 30seconds per km slower than my 10K race pace.

I turned back after 45 minutes and intended dropping my pace for the return leg, but found it was mainly downhill so kept to 6 - 6:30 mins/km the whole run.

I enjoyed being able to do a longer run without carrying a belt bag for water and camera and DH enjoyed the slow cycle. I've got a few off-road routes I'd like us to do this way when he's up to riding his mountain bike again.



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  • I love the photo (you look like a proper runner) and I can see his bike in the background he he. Running 15 k WHAT!!!! I really have something to aspire to.

  • Great photo; you do indeed look like a proper runner. And that's a great pace for a 15k run. Glad DH enjoyed it too.

  • Just to say that when I saw you on "the feed"; I HADNT SEEN SWANSCOT'S POST for some odd reason (I still don't get this new site) I thought YOU were talking about YOUR hubby. Now, of course we know that love is a many gendered thing, but I must say, I was slightly non-plussed for a second or two. Gosh I hope I don't get "moderated" for being un-PC, cos I don't mean it that way. Oh shut up Delia.

  • I mean, if you look at the "feed" it reads "Old Ned" photo "A new first for me and hubby today" so you see why i was confused.

  • Oh, this is wonderful but do stop it, it hurts too much when I laugh so much!! Just for the record, you haven't 'outed' me and Mrs OldNed really is a Mrs (and in 2 weeks time she'll have been Mrs OldNed for 41 years)

  • Congratulations Mr and MrsOldNed !

  • Thank you!

  • Can I show this post to my hubby? I've been trying to persuade him to come out with me for a while, he keeps saying no for some reason. Maybe now he's got a new bike he will, but if he's going out on his new bike I want to go out on mine with him so that really doesn't help.

    Well done on the 15k and as Ned says that's a really great pace!

  • Certainly show hubby. At the moment I'm cycle commuting so have no great desire to cycle on my days off! Although I admit I was a wee bit envious of his wheels and wanted to blow a raspberry at him when he sailed past me at one particular section of the return run. I was tiring and he glided effortlessly downhill. But I didn't have the puff to do so! ;-)

  • What a star! GREAT PHOTO Sheila! xox

  • I want a drinks carrier and official photographer :-)

  • Do get one, Phill; they're great! ;-) .And for those runs through forests with a multitude of tracks, he'll be the Official Navigator too as he can go on ahead and check the map at each junction!

  • A great photo, a fantastic time and a great run too. I'm with Phil - I want a support crew too, please :) Although I suppose I should get up to your level of fitness before I deserve one :D

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