Ankle pain?

I've just started week 8 and have developed nasty ankle pain in my left ankle. I think it's a tendon. I have strapped it up and am going to have 2 rest days instead of 1, and tomorrow I am going to buy some decent trainers (the £8 asda ones aren't up to the job anymore!). Does anyone have any advice on how to relieve it? Or whether I should keep running through the pain?

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  • Can't really advise re the ankle pain but would definatley recommend that when you go to buy your new trainers that you get them professionally fitted. I bought new ones Friday and it does feel like it's made a big difference (no more numb foot for me!).

  • I would love to but really don't have the money to spend alot on them. I know it would be better to get more expensive trainers, but at the moment things are quite tight for us so I will have to get the best I can afford. :-(

  • maybe go for a fitting see what they recommend (always no obligation to buy) and then check out ebay...could be cheaper on there. hope you get the ankle pain sorted

  • my 13 year old daughter was getting ankle & front thigh pain (just started week 4 when she noticed) & I took her for a treadmill analysis. she rolls into her foot when she lands & needed support trainers. she tried on a couple of pairs in the shop but it was the £65 trainers that were the ones that corrected the problem. the salesman was kind enough to tell me the "model no" of the trainers as I had already said that £40 was about my limit & he was confident I wouldnt find them any cheaper. wrong. £15 plus p&p on ebay. I was so pleased after splashing out on 2 sports bras & also trainers for her sister this month ~ you just need to know what size & model no you need.

    hope the ankle gets better soon. I would suggest a support bandage as that may help but ultimately I think that rest is the best option until you dont feel any niggles.

    good luck X

  • Good plan.

  • Also if you have any outlets near you it might be worth a look. I got mine from there reduced to £36.

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