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Ankle Pain


Hello all! I’m on week 5 and loving it but I have a pain in my right ankle and would welcome any advice. Felt fine during run 1 of the week but ankle started to hurt the following night and got worse when I elevated it. Managed run 2 without much pain but had the same problem again the following night. Pain is at the front of my ankle and into the top of the foot and seems to get worse when I stop moving. Don’t want to slow my progress but also don’t want to cause damage. Sorry for the ramble and cheers, in advance, for any advice. Health & happiness to you all.

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You simply can't run through pain. Discomfort is ok and at times expected but pain is not ok, pain means injury. What injury? Only your physio or an osteopath can tell.

What l did some three years ago, l ran through pain in my right ankle. I just stupidly did. The injury got aggravated to such an extent that l couldn't put a shoe on because of swelling. Of course, l repeated the whole program once l got back to running some three or so months later.

Rest up and don't run until you're fine. When you run again, stop if you sense the same symptoms. Once you manage to see a professional you can then deal with it properly. Will you lose fitness by then? Yeah, but you will also regain it again later.

WeeBelter in reply to mrrun

Thank you for your detailed and thoughtful response - much appreciated. Gutted as I will be to stop for a bit and lose the momentum I’ve battled to get, I hear you and I’ll listen to my body. At least I know I can do it now - and will do it again and then some! Thank you.

mrrunGraduate in reply to WeeBelter

Of course you will, that's the point. And injuries in this game will come and go, that's normal. Never get discouraged, the runs won't go anywhere. Workout at home, keep busy. Try and build up that elusive 10 minute plank that will make your core rock solid - that sort of stuff helps prevent injuries. And also, triple check your shoes. When it comes to ankle issues those guys (apart from slouching posture and long strides) are the main culprit. Keep well and come back stronger!

WeeBelter in reply to mrrun

I needed that. Thank you.


Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

and includes advice on dealing with injury, minimising impact, stretching after every run and strengthening exercises, all of which will help.

Enjoy your journey.

Thank you so much - that’s tomorrow morning’s reading sorted! Really appreciate you taking the time to reply. Health & happiness to you.


Rest up and repeat when the pain has gone. If you get it repeatedly may be try and get some gel insoles. I found they helped me and stopped me having to spend a fortune on a new pair of trainers

WeeBelter in reply to Alec3720

Nice one - thank you!

I have suffered lots of ankle sprains over the years and have noticed some discomfort on early weeks. Some things to consider:

- Rest

- Don’t tie your laces too tight at the top.

- Consider wearing supports or running compression socks

- Warm up a bit before the 5min walk. I do some ankle and calf mobility work

WeeBelter in reply to AndyMay

You are a star - thank you for your reply. Hadn’t thought about my laces. Nice one 👍🏻


Hi, maybe been mentioned before, but have you had a gait analysis done to ensure that your shoes are providing the right support for your style? This could make a difference? If you have tried this and everything else maybe get it checked out and get some proper advice on how to manage and come out of the pain? Good luck!

WeeBelter in reply to Fluffiness

Thank you - not had this done yet. Not sure if anywhere is doing it at the moment, but I’ll look into it - thanks for your reply.

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