ankle pain advice please!

Please tell me I don't have to give up or rest......that would be too disappointing as due to start wk 6 tomorrow, but my right ankle has been really painful after last 3 runs. Front and back, but like having a sprain type of pain. Its still painful the next day, but not as bad and OK by the time I'm due to run again, so I have been. Just worried that I'm probably doing damage. Going shopping for an ankle support today. Any other advice gratefully received.

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  • It could be lots of things, but the answer is likely to be support, your ankles are getting stronger and not liking it and just need a little help, might be worth having gait analysis done too but try the cheaper option first!

  • thx currently got leg in air and ankle support on, seems to he helping!

  • I got an ankle brace from Physioroom, excellent but would really get your ankle checked 1st... I hadn't realised but from running I had a stress fracture and now use the brace just when I need a little extra support but pain from fracture took 18mnths and is still there occasionally. Good luck

  • wow! went to Boots and got a support and tubular bandage and that has helped already, but I will get it checked out thx

  • Get it checked. I ran for the whole programme with an ankle niggle that just worsened. I graduated 3 weeks ago and have only done 1 post grad run which I had to cut short as I was limping whilst running. I have strained a ligament at the front of my ankle/foot and it still hurts to walk, use stairs, squats etc. I have been told to keep off it. I wish I had listened to my body earlier and rested it for a while as I may not of had to have so much time off. I will probably have to go back to week 3/4ish - so it was not worth ignoring it.

  • Blimey thanks I will!

  • Hi - have you got the right shoes? Do they support your ankle & legs correctly? If you haven't had your gait analysed, you really should. It's so worth it. I was running in the wrong shoes for over 6 months and was wondering why I kept getting such massive pain - it turns out my feet were landing and each ankle was collapsing inwards each step. It looked horrendous on the video playback. No wonder my legs were painful. Was recommended a pair of Brooks which have a wide base and super strong support on the instep - no more probs!

  • thanks, I've read in a magazine somewhere a cheap way of checking gait, so I might give that a go. Have got proper running shoes but have had problems with my knees in the past which according to one doctor was due to the way I walk, so very possible!

  • Lots of running shops will do it for free, if you have one locally it's really worth it, but even sports world will do a simple gait analysis, hope you get sorted soon and keep going!

  • I would really recommend getting a gait analysis done. My local running shop did it for free. I was horrified when I saw how I was running in my trainers. It was no wonder my ankles were sore! I now have a new pair of Adidas trainers with support for my arches and my ankles are pain free :-)

  • thanks, going to have to do something. Walking the dog gives me pain now! Going to repeat wk 5 I think then get gait analysis done this weekend.

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