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Done - surprisingly a bit easier after the first one was a bit of a struggle.

Managed to distract myself during the second half by putting my pump song on during the last four minutes... which promptly died, leaving me messing about with headphones for ages trying to sort it out on the move. I got it going just in time for "60 seconds left", so guess it worked in a way!

On to the dreaded r3 on friday (which i'm weirdly quite looking forward to)

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Hi Leadfoot, like you, I also found W5R2 easier than I thought it would be yesterday, the only issues I seem to be having are the legs (and hip) tiring and aching a little, breathing is fine and stamina feels good, so like you, R3 on Friday, I'm quite looking forward to it and keen to push through. I have found when I previously used to run that the longer I ran, the easier it became so fingers crossed it's the same, good luck for Friday, look forward to hearing how it goes :-)

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Hi rpm, i'm getting some mild twinges the day after as well - they seem to have gone by run day though luckily. Thanks, and hope you fly through r3 as well!

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