Inhaler Required??? ... Update

I know I could speak to a Dr... but hopefully you folks might have some experience...

Since I've been out running in the evenings over the past month or so I occasionally get a bit wheezy. This is not my normal breathing which of course is a bit deeper during the run, but this wheezing can last for 20mins or so after my run when my breathing is totally back to normal.

Can't recall I've had any problems in the past and I've never had or needed an inhaler before...

Anybody else need one of these or felt similar????

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  • Hi, AndyD,

    I have asthma, as a result of COPD. I do use an inhaler. I used to use 3 different inhalers, but since I began running 18 months ago I've cut back to 1. I usually take 2 puffs before running and experience little or no wheezing. I also carry the inhaler with me.

    Additionally, I wear a buff in cold weather to keep my mouth covered and not breath in the cold air.

    It sounds like you might have developed exercise-induced asthma (EIA). If I were you, I would see my doctor for a diagnosis and maybe a prescription for a mild inhaler.

  • Better be safe than sorry. See a Dr. It may just be cold damp air but you never know. Hope you get it sorted if its worrying you.

  • Sadly Andy it does sound like exercise-induced asthma. Ginbin is right, you should speak to your GP, but you should also invest in a buff, so you can inhale warm air whilst your running. It may make enough of a difference to avoid needing the inhaler. Good luck :)

  • Yes, definitely see your doc, we're not qualified to advise otherwise here really. I have asthma, it's never interfered with exercise, I just use my inhalers every day..

  • Thanks for the info... GP visit booked... hoping it is related to running in the cold damp evenings as I don't recall the problem back in the late summer when I was out in good weather.

  • Good luck Andy, hope you get sorted :-) xxx

  • Get yourself to a doctor and get yourself thoroughly checked out. I wasn't doing well in stepping stones or parkrun and was beginning to think of giving up as I felt so bad. my hubby insisted I went to the doctor. I HAD BRONCHITIS!! with asthma. I filled out a peak flow chart and my main trigger was exercise. Things are now going much better now. I've had a PB at Parkrun and I'm enjoying it. A bit clue that something is wrong is when you stop enjoying it. yes it should be hard work but enjoyable hard work!! Take care

  • D'

  • Don't chance it...see the Doc or asthma nurse and get it checked. Buy/use a buff over your nose/mouth and see how that goes, but get it checked.

  • I've sort of had something similar. I never had any problems running and would usually give everything i had when finishing a run. Then on one occasion i was having a really good run and ready to empty the tanks when suddenly i felt an obstruction in my throat, could not breath and had to stop running. I could not start again or even walk for a minute or two. Unfortunately this started happening more and more always when i was having a good fast run. Even on Park Runs i would usually be 100 to 200 metres from the finish but was forced to stop. After a rest of a minute i would finish the course but looked and felt like a punch drunk boxer as i struggled to get across the line. I concentrated on my breathing when running but still could not prevent the condition when running to maximum exhaustion. I was advised for about 6 months to visit the doctor but thought the condition was too trivial to bother them with. Eventually i did, the doctor prescribed an inhaler, I also had a chest x-ray which showed that i had hyperflation of the lungs and i am awaiting further tests for COPD. I love running in hot, humid weather and don't enjoy the colder nights but my condition also occurred in the summer months.

    Certainly a visit to the GP is the way to go.

  • Thanks, visit to GP booked for Monday, from what I've googled it could be Exercise induced asthma as one the causes is breathing cold damp air in large amounts during exercise which is certainly something I've been doing the last few weeks running in the dark after work.

  • I've got an agreement with my GP. He doesn't sell IT solutions, and I don't diagnose diseases on the internet ;-)

  • UPDATE -

    Went to see my GP re my bit of wheezing and yes I have EIA (Exercise Induced Asthma) which is brought on by heavy breathing in the cold and damp. So he gave me an inhaler to have a couple of puffs on before I run and voila all sorted!!! :-) Felt so different running without the wheezing.

    So if anyone has similar problems... go see your GP... might be any easy fix :-)

  • I'm so pleased you've got it sorted. Those inhalers are brilliant aren't they? I've suffered with coughs all my life, the doc used to give me antibiotics that never worked. When I moved to Cambridge I changed my doc, I didn't believe her when she said I was asthmatic, but the inhalers have truly changed my life..

  • Thanks Curly... its made a huge difference... used it a couple of times and absolutely no wheezing. As it gets warmer ill just carry it with me and use it if required as I hope this is just a cold weather thing. Also prior to going to the Dr, running wondering if I was going to have breathing problems lowers your mojo.

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