I've definitely gone stale!!

Two runs in a row now --Maybe it's time for a bit of a break ( which I will be having in a couple of weeks ) - but probably more so maybe that I need to find some new places to run??

I seem to have "hit the wall", lost interest - or something. I don't think I am especially tired - maybe just a bit bored.

I was thinking that Orienteering may be my answer - but have now realised that the "season" is really in our Winter - during Summer, because of the heat, they only do twilight runs where you only run for as long as you can see the checkpoints ie until it gets dark - don't think I fancy that.

Has a anybody else ever suffered a stale spell?? Did it go away of it's own accord??


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21 Replies

  • I have had a couple of minor 'why do I bother's in the past. Having a friend I meet up with at Parkruns keeps me going for at least 1 run a week. Then I found challenges help, so I will book a couple of long runs every few months (just completed my first half marathon - that gets you out, just to make sure you don't look an idiot on the day). I also downloaded some new running workouts (so focus is on the different running tasks rather than the same old sights).

    Most of all though, I look back at where I was and how I was before I started this running lark - I really don't want to be that person again. That ALWAYS has me reaching for my trainers and out for a run!

  • Hi Bazza,

    i think everyone feels this way at some stage. The actual c25k wasn't as bad as there was the podcasts and a clear purpose/objective, but after graduating it can go a bit tits up (technical term).

    Maybe its a natural lull after you ran that 10k non stop for the first time recently - do you think you just need to set a new objective and work to it?

    Always good to try a new route too. I have three or four including a grass one. I found that this helped a lot because practicing on grass was harder but kinder on my joints and i looked forward to seeing how that translated to "performance" on the road.

    Not sure how helpful that is Bazza, but I've seen you help and support countless people on here and I'm sure you will find a way through your flat period


  • Over here night orienteers run with headlamps.

    Sometimes there's a phase which is 'just do it' - like brushing your teeth. Maybe it is just your mind trying to deal with the prospect of not being able to run for a while with a bit of "Meh, don't like it that much anyway"?

    Definitely had the odd rut. I find that listening to a podcast often resets my attitude. I'm just airing the dog and listening to the podcast and just happen to be moving with a running action and then the joy kicks in... or doesn't, but lost nothing. I do constantly vary my location - it is very rare for me to run more than three times consecutively in the same place and certainly not the same route.

  • Hi Bazza I graduated at beginning of August and was OK through the month but suddenly in September my will to run dwindled and I questioned whether I wanted to continue with running. I managed to get in a run, maybe 2 each week but it wasn't easy.

    My problem in part was that I kept comparing myself to others. Please understand that I am not meaning to criticise the lovely people who posts here, I really enjoy reading of their progress etc and take oodles of inspiration from them. But the old saying 'Comparison is the Thief of Joy' really applied to me last month. I am SLOW and not in the same league as a lot of the graduates here.

    Coming through it was simply giving it time and hanging in there, adding a few new routes in for variation (and teaching myself that it is ok to run like me, not like others). Keep running when you can and the joy and challenge and fizz might just come back to you.

  • Sometimes I find running the same old route does grind me down a bit, so I vary it a bit. Run the other way, that sort of stuff. I have also done 'treat runs'. A 'treat run' normally entails driving out to a country park, doing my run, nothing too clever. Then when I have finished, a cup of tea and some toast at the tea shop. Something to look forward to during the run, and enjoy afterwards.

    Don't worry the running mojo will return :-) Keep it up

  • Yes- about 6 weeks ago. I ran a couple of "difficult" but very scenic routes - not the sort of thing to worry about pace times or even whether you ran or walked ( I thought I may have to crawl in a couple of places). I realise that I need to do more of these!!! Trouble is that they are nowhere near where I live! - so not really the thing that can be made part of the "weekly" training plan.

  • With you there Bazza. I hit the 'now what?' stage last month. After reaching my goal of being able to walk the Cairngormes of Scotland instead of feeling like I was going to die at the road side, I soon realised that am a person who isn't happy unless she is working towards something. So when I got home from my holiday I set myself a new goal - I am now on a 10k training programme and loving it! Because of the distances I am now covering I have had to find new routes and this makes a real difference. I am now aiming for the 3 peaks challenge in 2016 so I have something to get fit for as well.

    Some of us are just not happy unless we have something to work towards or are experiencing something new. I am sure once you find another challenge or new places to run then you will be back on board : )

  • Now that I have proven to myself that I can run non-stop ( or run/walk) 10Ks - I do know of a good 10klm long flat beachside run which I would like to do ( even at a really slow pace) -- BUT it is two hours away by car, Summer is upon us here so I would have to start the run by 6AM which would mean leaving home at 4AM :) Whoever would have thought that the simple act of going for a run would involve such logistics!! ?? :)

  • Ah but as Peter Pan would say 'What an adventure' :) Get back in there Bazza - you've got Summer to look forward to - all we've got in Blighty is howling gales, buzzards (sorry that should read blizzards) , rain, snow and frozen hands - give me heat any day! :) Get those positive vibes back - you are such an inspiration to people I'm not going to have you down in the dumps - three cheers for Bazza :)

  • Why not find a nice guest house, stay over on the Sat night and run early on the Sun morning? Take your partner or a friend?

  • Sounds glorious! And being able to run 10k on a beach sounds a good reason to get up at 4am to me. I live near the beach but its getting too short for me to run on now! You never know, your mojo might be sat on the beach waiting for you

  • I'm in a definite slump at the moment. When I get like this I bury myself in literature! I've been to the library and got a few books on running and have started following some new people on Twitter for the old kick up the bum motivation. Nothing too hardcore; I want to motivate myself, not get miserable reading about ultra runners or anything! From this I'm planning on rejigging my goals and redeveloping my stale routine.

    Keep us all updated and keep working at it; it won't go away by itself, you will have to show it the door ... ok, I need to step away from the 'inspirational' quotes now :)

  • Comparison is the thief of joy.

    My goodness what a profound phrase that is - and so true. I LOVE it and will adopt it. My other phrase is this: Blowing someones candle out will not make yours shine any brighter.

    Please note: This is NOT a comment about anybody on this site which in my experience has always been very kind and supportive of everyone. It just struck a chord with me :)

  • Not sure that I should have posted the last comment in case it causes umbridge . It is not a comment on people here!

    I feel we should try to share the happiness of peoples hard won success and accept our own selves for what we are - each unique!

  • I love that second proverb. So true

  • Hey Bazza. Yep...I found that changing my route helped. Then I started inline skating on some of my days. That did it! So now I try to do both.

  • Ooh I haven't been skating in ages....there's an idea...

  • I think we all go through those phases, Bazza. I had one that lasted nearly a month, and it was only the quickly approaching 10k race I had signed up to that eventually got me out there again. I hope you find your mojo again soon.

  • I have the same problem, graduated in June and having difficulty keeping up motivation to get out every two or three days. One thing that helps is 'saving up' podcasts I want to listen to (The Archers!) and only listening when I'm running.

  • I am in a slump too! It has lasted about 2 months. Had a rubbish parkrun on Saturday after an extremely stressful and long working week which really was the icing on the cake! 43 minutes in torrential rain. Wanted to cry and had to walk bits of it! deep joy!

    I often run thinking " what am I doing? I don't need to do this? I am too old for this? Why?" Part of it I think lies in the reality that I am highly unlikely to get much quicker; I have no desire to do a big distance - largely because I do not want/cannot give more time to running; I have no need to develop amazing technique - I am not at heart an athlete! I am just an ordinary middle aged woman. So I am keeping going out as an act of will. I feel fitter and in greater mental health than I ever have. I want that to be maintained. I have abandoned gadgets completely. I rarely wear my Garmin. I don't wear the headphones. And this has helped a lot. I listen the birds, notice the landscape - lucky to run in Devon lanes on edge of Dartmoor. My target is not further or faster. My target is to not give up even though some days I come in from work and think "really? A run?" By not knowing whether I am faster or further I am less frustrated!! And despite my reluctance some days to make the effort, despite the mental tussles, I usually return glad I have done it - and even more so, glad I have not given up.

    Not convinced this is in any way helpful!! But it is as it is. A fellow runner who struggles! It is as it is. Ever onward despite the slump! This too will pass!

  • Yes - perhaps I should abandon the "technology" for a while - and just run!!! :) I can easily determine a distance that I want to "traverse" from Google Maps. It doesn't matter how I traverse it ( walk, run or run/walk) - nor how quickly or slowly I do it - it really only matters that my heart rate is elevated above that which it is while I am using this computer :) - and for a decent length of time.

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