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Week 6 hit and miss...

I'm away for work training this week, and running during lunch breaks (we're allowed to eat in class, so...)

Run 1 was grim. I really struggled during the first 5minute run. I was out doors and the weather was horrible. I'd been cramped in a chair all morning and stressed out. I picked it up and managed to finish the run, but I walked a bit in those first five minutes. I felt terrible, wondered why I wasn't improving and generally felt sulky. I think, being used to setting my pace on the treadmill, I misjudged outdoors and pretty much sprinted off. It was silly, and failed.

Today, I went for run 2 and it was the total opposite! The first ten minute run breezed by, and on the second I even picked up the pace a bit. The result was 3.75km, a personal best and I'm convinced I will make it to 5k! Mostly, though, I'm glad I still haven't quit. I've never been able to run in my life, and the thought that during the 10m run today, I just chugged through 1.4km without gasping for breath... Well, that's a testament to this programme! I'm starting to learn about pacing, and even run 1 this week taught me not to sprint off!

Very happy today!

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Well done, especially heading out in the lunch breaks on unfamiliar territory. It sounds like it's all starting to come together about the same time as it did for me. Keep on keeping on and Good luck for R3 x

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Thanks! I managed run three of last week when I didn't think I would, so I have to keep believing I can manage week 6 r3 too!

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first_mateGraduate in reply to

Yes you definitely can do it, I have no doubt x

Well done! The fact you're running during lunch breaks shows your commitment and determination.

in reply to Irishprincess

Yes, it's a long course and there's homework. I knew I wouldn't feel like running in the dark and rain after class, so lunchtime seemed the best idea!

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Well done. Your distance will likely increase a bit more too once the intervals stop too so don't worry about that.

You're doing brilliantly to have got this far and you're right, the programme is fantastic. Keep going. You'll be graduating before you know it! :)

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Thanks! And yes, I'll leave distance till I've got running 30 minutes down. I've got a charity 5k in June, and I'm aiming to do it in 40 minutes. I think that's doable! :D

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melly4012Graduate in reply to

Plenty of time to work up to that, you'll be fine. :)

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Well done.. lunch break running.. extra points too :)

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I came to this board looking for some W6R2 inspiration after hating R1 on Tuesday and not feeling much like doing R2 tonight. So glad I came across your post. I am feeling much better and ready to give it a go :)

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