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W6R2. Disaster

I’ve been reading on here about different injuries people are getting and I’ve been feeling proud of myself at 46 and over weight that I’ve got to week six unscathed, until this morning. It started well, first 10 minutes was easy no problems, walked for 3 then as I started to run again my ankle started hurting, I kept going for 5 minutes until pain was unbearable. After limping home, my ankle is swollen and the bone feels bruised, I have no idea what could have happened, but I’m gutted that I couldn’t finish it.

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Sorry that your luck ran out at week 6 run 2. All I can suggest is give yourself a good rest from running until your swollen ankle is back to normal, I hope that won't take too long.

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Thanks, I’m a busy single mum so I’ve strapped it today and hobbled around, foots up now and resting.

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Yes that is the best thing to do. Like your username. Perhaps some like me could sort of use that name, Perhaps I was mad as I only started C25K 5 weeks before I was 72 and graduated 🎓just short of 4 weeks after my 72nd birthday. 😂Never ran before that except at Primary school. Since that era I have been a cyclist not a runner until April this year.

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😂 yes we are as my name suggests, crazy life with 2 teenagers and a pre teen. Wow, that’s amazing, are you still running. I know when I graduate I want to still run but I’ve struggled to run 3 times a week.

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I have ran 3/5k runs since graduation, my 'record time' is 33.40, however this morning on my third 5k It was 36.59, I like to run for exercise, not to break any records or cause any injury to myself.

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OUCH! that's really rotten luck!! definitely ice it and keep it elevated today - maybe strap it up if you can? if it doesn't improve it may be worth getting it checked out. but it certainly sounds like you need to spend some time resting it on the IC. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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Thank you, just annoyed with myself that I’ve come this far and have to stop.

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You’re not stopping! You are pausing briefly...taking a little nap along the way, but the alarm will ring and you’ll get up and at it again..maybe hit the snooze once or twice but you’ll be back on fighting form and we will be here. This is not the end of your journey.

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Your right, i’m not stopping, I intend to get back to it as soon as my body lets me 🏃‍♀️👍🏼

It could be related to your foot strike as you hit the ground. Do you have a heel strike? If so the shock is absorbed by your ankle/knee/shin this will cause side effects like stress fractures or swelling- form is soooo important! Whereas if you land on the front of the foot the force is absorbed by your calf (gastronemius muscle) and your legs will act as a spring almost adding to the momentum of your run.

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So sad for you!

Definitely rest your ankle.

I hope your visit to the injury couch is short.

Like Jesshfox says, a slightly 'bouncy' run style may use a bit more energy but can be better on your joints.

Good luck with your recovery!

oh no. hope you recover quickly

How’s your ankle?

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Still out of action, had X-ray last week as still swollen and really sore, thankfully that was clear, doctor thinks I’ve just torn a ligament. It’s so frustrating that I can’t run or do my exercise classes. Will definitely be back on c25k when ankle allows.

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Aw bless, you must be so frustrated but you mustn’t try to rush these things. Now you’re a runner 🏃‍♀️ it will be there when your ankle has healed. All the best x

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Thank you, good luck in your journey x

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You will be back soon. And the podium will wait for u. Take care

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Thanks 😀

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