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Trouble and strife - W6R2


Big distractions at the end of last week.

Washing machine went phut.

Got a new one...

Do you run faster when you're over £500 lighter in the pocket?


But I did survive W6R2 Wednesday night. Eldest kitten started to get a bit of pain in his right knee and ankle around 3 minutes into the second 10 min period so we slowed it down and he soldered on.

He was very pleased to have persisted and survived to the end of the run. I think it gave him confidence that his body tells him 'too fast!' and he can react to it positively.

Well done to everyone else who made it through week 6. I think W6R2 seems to be a lego brick in the dark. Most of us make it but some are unlucky. So I wish those struggling or injured a speedy recovery and I look forward to seeing your posts of success in the future.

Happy running everyone! 😸👟👟👟👟👟👟😸

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Unfortunately not but it was so nice to be able to machine wash our running clothes yesterday, hand washing them nearly put me off running until we got a new one. You might have had to hand wash your own if it had gone on any longer 🤣

KatnapGraduate in reply to TailChaser

And the salad spinner for drying?

TailChaserGraduate in reply to Katnap

Well, it’s no use for salad this time of year 🤣🤣🤣


Oh that's so annoying when appliances decide it's their day to die.

Well done to EK for persisting and finishing the run. Hopefully not an injury starting 🤞

You haven't said but are you finding ok? You seem to be progressing nicely x

Unfortunately my w6r3 may have to wait til Monday if I can't squeeze it in on Sat morning. I've not run in morning so that could be a new experience!

KatnapGraduate in reply to Jogunlikely

Morning runs allow you to sneak up on your mind before its awake and starts thinking about how many minutes you need to run. 😸

KatnapGraduate in reply to Katnap

Still finding it OK. I did find W6R2 quite difficult but don't know why... Tired with trouble and strife maybe? 😸


My washing machine only ever plays up in the week before Christmas... 2 new ones in the last 6 years.

Good run, and kudos to the eldest kitten.

KatnapGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Terrible timing!

We keep killing ours on a maintenance wash. It would've been good for spares or repair but has gone to the white goods utility room in the sky.

I shall pass on the kudos kitten 1 😸


I definitely struggled on this run big time - and that was with my washing machine working 😂

Good on you both for pushing on and making the most of it! 👏 Really good effort! Hopefully the end of week 6 will return a fab run!!


Nearly two thirds complete! 😸

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