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W6R2 doubt creeping in

Hi, I'm new/previous lurker.

I've felt stronger and fitter each week on this program until W6R1. My legs felt like dead weights and I really struggled on the last couple of minutes. I hoped It was just a bad day as I had woke up late and wasn't really 'feeling it'.

This morning I started W6R2 barely able to shuffle my bum up the street. My feet kept scuffing the pavement and felt uncoordinated. I feel as rubbish as I did when I first started. I've lost my mojo and have no idea how I'll possibly manage the 25 min run on R3.

Any tips anyone?

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Wk 6 was by far the worst for me! I hit a wall (metaphorically 😂) I had to repeat run 1 because I just couldn't do it .. but I decided that if I didn't get my head round it I'll have to keep on repeating it... which I definitely didn't want to do. So I just shuffled along extremely slowly (like over ten minutes for 1km) and finished week 8 this morning. If I can do this you definitely can!!! Keep going super super slowly and you'll nail it!!!


I never saw anything wrong with shuffling personally. You will pick your feet up when you get stronger. It is very hard and you are new to running.

Week six is the hardest! 🙂💪🏃‍♀️✔️

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Hey don't be despondent Mr Farah restarted a lot of mo jos last night! I looked back at a poll done on the site about 3 years, and it said that Week 6 came out as the hardest week.

There's something about returning to the shorter intervals after having done W5 R3, that seems to mess with your head. I had a screaming meltdown on Run 1 Week 6 and so far it's the only run I had to repeat. But froggyrunner is so right, really really slow down and it will help, I promise you. You're doing fab don't beat your mo jo down.... best of luck for the last one, but I think your resilience will mean you don't need luck!


Have an extra day off, make sure you are well rested, hydrated and fuelled.

Make sure you have a positive attitude before you step out of the door.

It is tough, but you can do it..................I believe you can do it!


How fit were you before you started and how often do you run? If you hadn't done anything beforehand you have just demanded 5+ weeks of exercise from your body. And it may have responded with tiredness. The programme is made in such a way that it is possible to do the whole thing in 9 weeks, but many people take longer. Take a couple of days rest between runs, or repeat a week. This is not a race, you have your whole life to complete it and keep running. The more time you take to turn running into a habit the more likely you are to continue. Good luck!


Thanks for the words of encouragement. It turns out that my form was so poor this morning. I seem to have developed a strained hamstring on my left and a mild groin strain on the right so I guess that'll force a longer than planned rest period. Hopefully it won't take too long 😢 to heal. I might look to repeat week 5 if needed. Thanks again. Amy


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