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W6 Run 3 experiences

Hi all,

Just did W6Run 2, 10 mins running - 3 mins walking and 10 mins running. I just listened to Run 3 and was surprised to see it had jumped straight to 25 minutes!

I am happy I completed Run 2 but it was by no means easy and I'm really surprised it's jumped this far. What are everyone elses experiences? I was thinking of modifying it and doing 15 minutes - 3 mins - 15 and building it up. I genuinely can't see myself going for 25!


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If you have followed the plan, I think you will run for 25 minutes, ok, I'll be the first to admit, I have yet to find any of the runs easy. I have still managed to them except for 1 which I went back and did again. Stick to the plan and try it first before you think about creating your own plan.


I assume you did w5r3? you didn't think you could do that one but you did. Now you have another challenge, another milestone. This is what c25k is all about. the last few weeks have prepared you for this moment, and you CAN do it. It may not be easy but if you take it slowly you can do it. Remember if you can still breath and nothing has fallen off you just keep going.

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It sounds scary - but not as scary as wk5 r3, right? You have already run 20 mins straight. Physically, your body is ready and set. It's only your doubts that might hold you back. Set off slow, listen to Laura, and then just keep going. You certainly CAN do this. Believe in yourself and believe in the program - we graduates are all proof it works (honestly, if you could have seen me at the start of the program, you would have been calling for the ambulence, but now I can run happily for a couple of hours!) You don't need to build up to this - you already have over the last 5 and a bit weeks. Go for it (...but slowly!)!!


You can nail this. Look how far you've got already! Ignore that gremlin telling you you can't do it - we tend to let the fear of failing gain too much ground over the confidence that we CAN do it. So boot that gremlin into its crebellum cave, get those trainers on and prove it wrong. Go!


Your body has been trained for this over the past 20 runs. It knows that it can complete.

Your mind now requires to be trained. Try the run, listen to Laura and take it nice a slow. Trust in the programme and in yourself


I was terrified of this run myself and thought I could never do it. Guess what? I was wrong! It was by no means easy but I did it - and so will you. Just trust in the plan - it works!


You can do it. It's all a about pacing and breaking down the mental barriers. Laura will help you. After the first five minutes (she will tell you) you can think, well only four more runs to go. You know that you can do 4x5 minutes, you did it in W5. Keep up / down the pace to something manageable . Before you know it you will get the 12:30 message from Laura that your halfway there, and so on and so fourth. Stick to the program, if you need to, slow down the pace but keep it up. I'm sure you can do it!


I remembered the same dread! But trust in Laura, so many others on here have been exactly in your position and just go with the flow. Don't stress, just take it as it comes. Oh and start slow, then slow down a bit more so you've plenty left in the tank. maybe it's better not to look ahead to far on the program😏

Best of luck, and let us know how you get on, I'll be interested in he update!


It does seem a strange jump up but it's really only another version of week 5. You will be absolutely fine. Just take it nice and steady and if you feel you are struggling then just slow down a bit. You are very well prepared for this :)


Thanks all.

I did do the 20 minute run but was AWFUL, but I was glad I did it etc etc. I'm running on a treadmill so it's pretty boring. Once I've got comfortable doing 25-30 minutes on a treadmill then I'll move outside. Hopefully in time for some lovely weather!

I've also bought a bike which I plan to cycle every Sunday somewhere around Kent so fingers crossed it'll help my fitness levels.

I just can't wait for the day when I can just go outside and enjoy/have a lovely run and start shedding some serious pounds. It feels like every session at the moment is just heavy training and I'm knackered at the end. Can't wait to 'break through' so to speak.


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