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Week 3 Run 3


Wow wow wow! Having struggled so much the last couple of weeks with cold and then a twisted ankle I decided to repeat the final run of week 3 to help myself feel fully prepared ready to tackle the w4r1 in a couple of days! Wow I’m so happy with that run today, I finally felt progress. Repeating that run showed me how far I’ve come, I didn’t struggle with my breathing and I was running and not even worrying about how much longer was left! It didn’t feel to hard or anything! Just the motivation I needed 💪👌😁 feels so good to notice my progress!

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No harm on repeating any runs Philippaaa, if you are not satisfied with any run you can repeat it, now, onward and upwards as they say to week 4 run 1


Great job... confidence is up... go get week 4.


We’ll done! You are definitely ready for week 4. We are at the same point. I finished Week 3 Run 3 this morning.


W3R3 is the only one I repeated and it boosted me on, never looked back.

It's a forward journey from now on, YOU CAN DO IT 💫

Good for you! The programme does work. Just take it steady. The duration is the key, not distance or speed. Keep plodding on!

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