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***K YOU #couchto5k WEEK 5 you ain’t making me quit!!


First #couchto5k run in a park last night. Not as easy as I found running the lamp lit streets. Jeeeze that really was hard. I usually have 2 days to recover between Run 3s and Run 1s... i only had ONE.. :/

Apart from wanting to keel over on the 2nd and 3rd 5min runs I’m still here to tell the Instagram tale.

Being on an unfamiliar route didn’t help nor did the terrain not as flat as I thought.

Will go back to running the streets for Run 2 and 3 then I can focus more and not worry about the hills or running on really lumpy grass.

Went back home and ate some Thai Green Curry. Here's to Tuesday WK5R2.

PS On the plus side I finally caved in and got Spotify Premium and choose my own playlists and downloaded it offline so it wouldnt cut out in the woods!

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Well done Chris! You smashed that one, even if it didn’t go as expected! That’s the main thing - to keep going regardless and move on! You’re doing just that, so your attitude will take you far! 👏👏👏👏


You did it which is the main thing-well done!!

Remember each run builds you for the next even if it wasn’t the best one! Concentrate on just getting to the end on your next one.... don’t think about anything else... and go slow!!!

chrisc25kGraduate in reply to Marcia-H

Thank you Marcia x


Well done Chris! You powered through the obstacles, sometimes literally. Soon you will reach your goal. Have a nice rest day and enjoy your next run!


Good attitude! You're bossing it!

chrisc25kGraduate in reply to Katnap

Thank you Kittie Kat x


Sometimes.. a softly softly approach can work too... relax.. chill out, take it slow and steady...the run is just a run... it might be trying to make itself into something much more... ( sneaky thing) but it isn't.

Slow down and enjoy the view... :)

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