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C 2 5 K week 2 run 5

hi c 2kers just back from run 5 ( not happy with my level of fittness before the next phase) ;-( and it felt great ran around the inner circle of Regents park and was very surprised when Laura said "that was your last run"!!! so i warmed down for 5 minutes and opened a new app on my phone called runtastic ( no plugs!!!! ) and ran across regents park towards felt great!!!!!!.

My levels of fittness have increased and I am very happy...just 1 point as a ex footballer who ran a certain way for years I tried Laura's suggestion of heel striking during running and guess what? my left knee puffed up like a balloon!!! 3 Days of ice treatment and R.I.C.E. learnt from my footballing days helped.

I ran today as I used to and I felt 100% better....this way if running may help some people but I have decided to run as I used to.

I will do 1 more session of week 2 before I tackle week 3.

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I think the heel striking is the one thing most people would want to change about the podcasts.

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Thanks for your response..this is just my opinion..when i was training during my semi pro days I would have found it very difficult to sprint by running on my heels....also jogging using this technique....I feel more comfortable running / jogging using my toes / balls of my feet...:-)




sounds like a great run, well done...and hope the knee is OK??


thanks juicyju...the knees fine.....looking forward to the next work tommorow......hoping that I can finish off week 2 in the evening....I woukd like to start week 3 over the weekend.... ;-) ;-)


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