Getting slower with every 5 k

Used the speed podcast for my run last night. I didn't follow the beats religiously as I intended to do a longer distance and time than the podcast and didn't want to tire myself out. So ran 6.20km in 37 minutes great I though until I got home and looked at the map and the rubbish GPS strikes again. There were lots of jutted out lines where the GPS had lost signal and made up things. So altered the route on the map cutting out the extra lines and turns out I only done around 5.25km in 37 minutes. Rubbish I really am getting slower with every single run. And it really was a struggle of a run too. It felt like I'd done 6km rather than 5k. Every part of me ached. How do I get my time down. When im running I feel like im faster than the last run but never am. Don't get me wrong im pleased that im doing 5k and happy to be out running. I just don't get how its getting harder and im not getting any faster or going any further.


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  • I recognise that feeling - I graduated in November, and still find running 30 mins beyond me on a regular basis! Not quite sure how I could do it then but not now, when I haven't stopped running, but that's how it seems to be... The warm weather at the moment is definitely a factor - it's hard to push when it's so hot and humid. Maybe give yourself a couple of weeks where you don't track your distance or speed - just run for the fun of it. Use the podcasts, by all means - quite often they're the only thing keeping me going(!), but run for the fun, not the statistics.

  • I reckon the best thing for speed is to join an event, parkrun's are ace. No need to stress about running with others and the event will spur you on.

  • I agree with crox I found I nocked 10 mins off when I did St Davids day run in Cardiff. It's the challenge!

    S X

  • Bikergirl, can I ask if you're using a running watch or a smartphone? I had a similar issue when I used to use my iphone, and I read somewhere that turning off wifi would help. It solved the problem & no more gps issues!

  • Strangely me and my husband found this too, we started slowing down and we worried about it too much. My advice is don't, just enjoy it. I got so bothered about doing a bit more distance and speeding up at the end, that I ended up pulling something and had a horrendous pain in my hip two day later. So I went back to 3 miles (sorry I'm a bit imperial, hubby uses Endomondo which tells you when you have done a mile) and took it slower, a couple of weeks later I'm still plodding at a slower pace than hubby but we ran 4.8 miles last time and I could still manage the steep hill home without collapsing in a heap. Also are you doing the same route all the time, I vary the route and this makes it more fun.

  • I graduated 2 years ago and can just about do 5.25k in 30mins - nothing special. I have had some truly dreadful runs and actually had to stop and walk a bit a few weeks ago. Awful! Don't be too hard on yourself, I doubt I will ever get any faster or run very much further, but I can live with it. Think of all the people who never run anywhere, you are doing extremely well to do the time you do.

  • The old-fashioned stopwatch or even just an ordinary watch with a second hand is better than those GPS 'toys' are, you have heard of lorries using them and at the last moment the driver noticed that he was heading for a cliff, lol, so just use your watch instead.

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